All you need to know about GMAT!

GMAT, which stands for The Graduate Management Aptitude Test, is an adaptive test which is used to assess the candidate’s writing, analytical, reading & verbal and quantitative skills. The test is taken by candidates who wish to pursue a program such as MBA or any other finance related course. Go on and read the full article about GMAT

About GMAT

about GMAT!

The GMAT exam is a computer adaptive test where one question is to be answered at a time and the difficulty of the next question depends on the accuracy of the previous answer. GMAT scores are accepted in more than 1500 universities in over 80 countries over the world and can be used as the basis of admission into over 5400 courses.



The GMAT exam has a vigorous syllabus where the subjects are divided as following:

Analytical Writing – Candidates have to write on the given topics or a passage shall be provided and questions will be asked on the basis of the content of the passage. The trick is to maintain a good writing style and not make the content argument based.

Quantitative Section – This section has questions related to Algebra, Geometry, Integers, Permutation & Combinations and other arithmetic related questions.

Verbal Skills – This section tests the candidate’s skills and ability to comprehend and understand the material which is written and to understand the logical reasoning between the points mentioned.

Integrated Reasoning Section – In this section, candidates have to evaluate the data which is presented to them in a table or a graph format.

Eligibility for GMAT

A candidate has to be above the age of 18 years in order to appear for the GMAT exam. Many top universities and institutions worldwide such as business schools of Cambridge University, Yale, Harvard and Stanford account for the applicants GMAT score. Recently, a few Indian business schools too have started counting GMAT scores of the candidates. Although the university’s criteria for admission may vary, the GMAT eligibility is only the age factor.



One can register for the exam using the official website of the GMAT exam. Once the registration is done, candidates have the liberty to give the exam at a center near to them. GMAT exams are help in a number of cities in India. An application fee of around $250 has to be paid in order to appear for the exam.


The GMAT exam is held for 3 hours and 30 minutes and includes the afore mentioned subjects. It is also important to note that not all business schools consider only the GMAT score. The overall performance of the candidate is also taken into account during admission.

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