The role of GMAT scores in MBA admissions

Ever wondered the hype around GMAT while applying for MBA. role of GMAT is  very vital in categorizing the best colleges for MBA based on your score across the globe. Best universities such as Harvard, IIM etc. accept GMAT scores for admissions.


Role of GMAT

The role of GMAT scores in MBA admissions is now plays important role. GMAT scores are trending amongst MBA students. Especially the ones who want to apply for the course abroad. In all, there are over 120 colleges in Indian and over 1500 colleges across the globe that accept GMAT scores. Countries like Germany, USA, UK,                Russia and India accept GMAT scores for B-school score application. The idea of building GMAT is to build higher credibility in comparison to local entrance exams and to set the environment for a student applying for MBA. Theere are many pre-experienced masters programs that require little or no work experience from students, GMAT in such cases acts to filter the capacity of applying students.
Below is the list of reasons on why GMAT score is important to apply for MBA:

Easy application process:
A GMAT application is an easy process: It’s a simple three step process: Online application, payment and lastly exam. Online application can be done on a global website. One can apply for GMAT exam at any point in time. If you have already applied for a GMAT you can re-apply for it within a span of 60 days with a minimum re-application fee.

Global acceptance:
GMAT score is a globally accepted score. In India, there are more than 120 colleges that accept GMAT. Institutions like IIM A, ISB , IIIM B, XLRI, IIM L, IIM I, NMIMS, SPJIMR, IMT, MICA, TAPMI, IMI New Delhi, XIM B, BIMTECH, and KJ Somaiya amongst others.

Banking of score:
If you are unsatisfied with the choice of colleges you can bank your GMAT score for a span of five years. In these five years, till you have a satisfactory choice of college, you can wait and finally apply. In case the five years end, you have to re-apply for the score.

Above given are a few reasons one should apply for GMAT. Think not twice and apply to brighten up your future today.

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