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I have been working in the academic field for 12 years. Working with college students fascinates me to the core and I believe in shaping their career for better. I ideate to help them resolve their career confusion and plan out a strong career path for them.

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Well, talking about my experience at What After College is something I am falling short of words to express. Under the guidance of Rishabh Sir and his team I have been able to excel in my career till now.

I was supposedly choosing to follow the monotony of a 9-5 job, and if not What After College I would have been stuck in the middle of it. Talking to the best of industry experts and gaining knowledge for what to choose after college has helped me to change my mindset.

I wouldn’t have known who I am without the team What After College. I was quite skeptical about heading towards establishing my own business. Rishabh Sir and his team have helped make a way for myself and I think I am heading towards the right career path now, I never knew there is an entrepreneur residing in me.


Well, talking about my experience at What After College is something I am falling short of words to express. Under the guidance of Rishabh Sir and his team I have been able to excel in my career till now.

I was supposedly choosing to follow the monotony of a 9-5 job, and if not What After College I would have been stuck in the middle of it. Talking to the best of industry experts and gaining knowledge for what to choose after college has helped me to change my mindset.

I wouldn’t have known who I am without the team What After College. I was quite skeptical about heading towards establishing my own business. Rishabh Sir and his team have helped make a way for myself and I think I am heading towards the right career path now, I never knew there is an entrepreneur residing in me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Career Counselling includes carefully improved aptitude tests and temperament tests that maintain a career guide to give the best-suited professional advice to the student based on his description of his ability and nature. Human dimensions are infinite and can nevermore be estimated, neither we can decide what one is capable of. All humans have unique qualities, for each one of them they have their own powers and vulnerabilities. The agenda is to identify certain anomalous qualities is within Psychometric tests and professional counseling.

3 Reasons Why Counselling Helps

Assists You to Choose the Right Career

Career Counsellors are specialists who are assessing you based on your aptitude tests, temperament analysis, and varied other aspects followed. They tend to evaluate you and guide you to choose that suits you best.

Makes You More Confident

Counseling helps the counselee to rectify the errors and overcome the hurdles that he/she has been facing in their careers. This helps them to incorporate knowledge and gain confidence after consulting the industry experts. The counselor has to ensure that the counsellee is confident after having a word with you.

Expert Opinion Matters

Counseling enables you to gain knowledge from the best of the industry experts. It enhances your knowledge about the industry that you choose to work in and along with that helps you to be well aware of the major requirements of the profile.

Counseling helps you understand yourself better and it is important to know what you are looking for.and what suits you best. If you are choosing to shift from one field of work to another it makes it a non-stressful event and makes you more confident about yourself, and taking help from a mentor is never a bad option.  

The short-term impact of career counseling is well established in the literature. Nevertheless, prospects are often disregarded. It has been investigated quantitatively regarding the security of the positive impacts achieved through the process of career counseling and qualitatively examined associates levels of professional project incorporation.

Results have symbolized a continual fall in career indecision in the long-term and security concerning clients’ satisfaction with life. Age has been considered to be an extensive factor in long-term impacts, with more naive clients’ career choice difficulties is declining more significantly than that of older clients. Furthermore, career decision-making choice has increased only in the long-term in the terms of emotional variables.

The majority of clients have fulfilled their profession alternative within one year; some have incorporated it partially while; others switched their career choice, somewhat successfully; and few people haven’t demonstrated advancement in each of their preferences or its implementation during this period.

Career advancement is an enduring method that, even if you are well aware of it or not, it has actually begun to work ever since you are born. There are a couple of factors that determine your career progress, comprising of your powers, skills, conditions, temperament, experience, and happenings.

Career Counselling is a method that concentrates on maintaining an individual’s understanding of one’s personal, as well as activity inclinations so that one can be well-informed about one’s decision about work and academics. Career Counselling helps maintain an assorted series of predicaments such as low combination levels to inadequate time supervision, in-house trust issues to the difference of opinion between parents and the children over what career path to choose.

Counseling is an extended-term. It refers to the manner of assisting a person by contributing administration, reliable support, and examining resolutions for the obstacles being faced. “Counselling” is normally incorporated with the expert helping out somebody in need. This specialist is a person who reads human behavior, their temperament, and knows how to give the right superintendence to their views. This specialist is someone you can reach out to in times of ambiguity, and he or she is the one who makes sure that your identification and dilemmas remain intimate.

In order to address this question, one first needs to ask oneself, “Why do I want to pursue a certain career?” While the reasons may be plenty, do you relate to any of the following reasons?

  • To follow a family member or role model
  • Because of family or peer pressure
  • To acquire a reputable social standing
  • Because of captivating monetary benefits or job security
  • Because everyone else is doing it
  • Because it seems attractive and cool

If the answer is yes, you may want to rethink your choices. While some of these are important aspects and benefits that come along with choosing a career, none of these should be the sole driving factor in the choice of your career.

Choosing a career is a decision that impacts a major portion of your life that is yet to come. Thus, the reasons behind choosing a career should be ones that will help you sustain a continued interest in the field of your choice.

Career Counselling helps a student get a clear picture of their interests, strengths, and weaknesses. On the basis of their talents, various courses that need their skill sets are offered to them to choose from. Through the guidance of the counselor, the student takes a decision that is practical and sustainable in the long run. Counselling also helps broaden your vision by introducing new fields of knowledge to you. Counselors also help to bridge the gap between a child’s choice and their parents’ expectations by becoming a trustworthy mediator between the two parties.

Career Counselling shapes your mindset on the basis of the reality of the career you want to choose. It is better to base your career on facts, your abilities, and interests; rather than building castles in the air. Thus, Career Counselling proves to be highly instrumental in changing banal mindsets into effective ones to bring your dreams to life!

The world is expanding its horizons, thus providing students with a whole new set of options to choose from. The ever-fluctuating work trends drastically affect the choice of career a student undertakes. More the number of options, the greater the confusion! In such a dynamic professional world, students find themselves to be anxious about their choices and abilities. Career Counselling entails expert guidance that helps students to assess their potential and successfully apply it to the careers they choose. 

All of this is definitely easier said than done. Career Counselling is a process that focuses on the individual to minutely trace their capacities and interests. The students are directed towards choices that are suitable for the potential they possess. It eliminates the frustration that arises from the confusion faced by students and gives their career choices a scientific backing. With science and skills combined, you’re good to take off towards an illustrious career that eagerly awaits you!

But, Career Counselling does not end there. A career counselor helps students look for colleges and their admission criteria. They also prepare you for personal interviews, group discussions, preparing cover letters and resumes for jobs, and a lot more! 

A career counselor also helps students overcome hesitations by becoming their confidant. Students tend to express their true desires and plans when confronted with such positive attitudes. Thus, Career Counselling provides students with a safe environment in which they can express, assess, and develop themselves to best fit the mold of the professionals they aspire to be. 

All these aspects come together to help a student achieve both – clarity and confidence – in accordance with the plans they have made for their future. We provide these services and a lot more that will definitely help you land the job you have always dreamt of!

A Career Counsellor is responsible for bridging the gaps between dreams and the reality of an academic or work life. If one has to effectively carry out the process of career counseling, the person has to be extremely well-equipped with the following skill sets:

  • A Degree/Diploma in Psychology or an Equivalent Certification: Career Counsellors mold the life of students, and so they must be specialized to do their job. Career Counsellors obtain the necessary training and education when they pursue a degree or a diploma in Psychology.
  • Knowledgeable Experts: Career Counsellors need to have a good understanding of the various fields that can be available to students. They have to keep updating themselves in accordance with the changing academic scenes and the associated work trends. Career Counsellors can also be experts in their own field of work. E.g., Engineering, MBA, Literature, etc.
  • Soft Skills: No one can emphasize the important role soft skills play in Career Counselling. A Career Counsellor must be able to facilitate communication at various levels so that the counselor can understand the students’ psyche. A counselor has to be accessible, patient, humorous, and a good listener. Only then will a student open up to the counselor to make the process of Career Counselling bear fruit.
  • The Utilisation of Necessary Tools: A Career Counsellor must be well acquainted with all the tools necessary in Career Counselling, like aptitude tests. In the times of today, career counselors should be tech-savvy so that they can continue to assist students in choosing the appropriate career, without distances or other hurdles hindering the career counseling process.

Along with all these skills, a Career Counsellor must also be able to recognize any signs of anxiety or depression that cause confusion in selecting a career or pursuing it. In such cases, the career counselor should direct students to psychologists or psychiatrists. 

This is what it takes to be a good career counselor, and our team of counselors is well versed with all that is stated above. We ensure a wholesome experience for our clients as we help them make it big in the world!

When it is about your career, you need to be guided and assisted. Our career defines our life so we need to think about it from a broader perspective as possible. Career counseling is a method that helps you to understand yourself and your choices better.

It’s formed to assist by choosing, changing leaving a particular career path. It doesn’t matter if you are young or middle-aged or senior, career counseling can be a great help at all stages of life. A career counselor can assist you to identify your strengths, overcome hurdles, and what makes you who you are.

When finding the right career counselor, keep in mind the following points to help you decide on the right one for you.

  Ensure that your career counselor:

  • Is certified and expert– your career guide need to have the right eligibilities and relevant practice and outlook in the field
  • He/she has to be a part of a reputed organization – this way you comprehend that your dilemmas are resolved here.
  • Offers best services – this ensures that they are not operating with the idea of a “one size fits all” approach and are capable to tailor co-operations to the person.
  • Compatible with your thought process – find an adviser that you appreciate working with and who you can look up to.

 4 Things to Look in a Session

A career counselor should be able to determine what kind of session you require based on your situation.  This varies from people to people; some might need less time whereas some may take longer to understand. Whatever it is, y’all should expect your instructor to:

  • Come up with relevant options for your career  
  • Helps yourself comprehend whatever you are looking for in a career
  • Provides you with unbiased and professional advice on your opinions, feelings, and interests about your occupation and learning.
  • Helps you organize your perspectives and relevant career choices.

At the end of the session, you must feel good about attempting to speak to the expert and must ensure that you implement their advice while making a career choice.  

“So, what are your future plans?” – A question ALL of us have heard in the times of our lives. But, this an all-time favorite question asked especially when a student reaches high school. The question is simple but many students fall short of words when they are expected to answer it. This often leads to a lot of frustration in the minds of students and subsequently their parents. 

How can this problem be solved? The answer is very simple – Career Counselling. In the times we live in, students have a wide range of options that are available to them. Though many of these options may grab the interest of the students, they find themselves in a tight spot when it comes to choosing one of the plethoras of options as their career. It’s here that Career Counsellors come in to save the day!

Career Counsellors are professionals that aid students to choose the career that is best suited to their interests and abilities. Career Counselling is not just about informing students about the career paths open for them; it is a process that guides a student through the processes of understanding, selection, and pursuit of a career. 

A Career Counsellor conducts various psychometric assessments that help test a student’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, skills, etc. Also known as aptitude tests, these tests help a student acquire a clear picture of their potential – their strengths and weaknesses. This potential is further channelized by the counselor by making known to the students the various career options and their scope.

Many a time, the students continue to be confused and scared. This results in opting a field that is not truly their cup of tea. Hence, it is very important to choose a very efficient career counselor who will be able to facilitate a clear vision in the mind of students. Students are made confident through the process of career counseling and this helps them achieve new heights in a career that is rightly chosen according to their capabilities. We offer you the best in the field of career counseling and assure you of a bright future ahead of you!