Guide to clear NMAT

NMAT is undertaken by the students who wish to get admission in NMIMS. It is a computer-based exam and students can choose their choice of dates from those made available. This exam also requires students to be very clear on basic concepts.                         



The NMAT is just like any other management aptitude test and students should start preparing for it months in advance. Preparing for the exam is not just about going through the books but also how well you plan your studies.


  1. First get clear on your weak subjects and strong subjects. This way you will know where to spend more time and where less. This way you will not leave out anything and will be ready for the paper.
  2. After identifying your strong and weak sections, make a timetable allocating your time to each subject. You may want to give your weaker subjects more time and others less.
  3. Keep short notes handy for last minute revisions. You cannot expect to go through everything in the end. So making notes helps you revise everything that is important.
  4. The paper is divided into three sections –Language skills, Quantitative skills and logical reasoning. You get 22 minutes for 32 language questions, 60 minutes for 48 quantitative questions and 38 for 40 reasoning. So be prepared with a strategy on how to tackle each section. If you are left with some time in one section, it does not get carry forward to another.


  1. Take up mock tests as this will help you prepare better to tackle each section. Also go through previous years’ papers and attempt as many of them as possible. Set the given time for each section and practice finishing the paper within the allocated time.
  2. It is important to give ample time to each topic of a subject so that you do not miss out on anything due to lack of time.
  3. The last few weeks before the paper should be entirely dedicated to revision. Do not start on anything new in this time period. You will end up getting more confused.


Preparation for NMAT calls for a proper strategy and time management. The questions might be like any other management aptitude test, but how you attempt it is an altogether different ball game.

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