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With a lot of promising career fields now available, the deadlock between all the different opportunities is completely unavoidable even for the smartest of students.
Mass communication colleges in Kanpur!

Specialized courses in mass communication offer all the interested students an in-depth knowledge and functioning of various media like television, radio, and the internet.

Mass Communication subject has become an important stream of study. Many of the institutes offering specialized courses in Mass Communication have come up. There a many institutes in Kanpur for mass communication! Top 5 Mass communication colleges in Kanpur are given below!

Increasing Demand for Mass Communication

If you have found your passion here and are considering joining one of the top mass communication courses after 12th, you could not have made a better choice.

The current century is the time of opportunities and the intense competition among all the brands is constantly opening up new doors. Add to that the prospects that the digital space offers and mass communication has suddenly become of the most exciting fields in this era.

Mass Communication options In India VS Abroad

In India, mass communication and media related courses are more professional post-graduate diploma courses rather than Master’s level degree courses.

In abroad, TOEFL is a necessary competitive exam that one needs to take in order to go to an American university. A score of 90-100 out of a total of 120 can promise a decent university to pursue any of the masters in this field. That said, the bigger the better.

Types: Print Media, Broadcast Media and Internet

The term news Mass Communication refers to the groups that communicate information and news to people. Most Americans get their information about all the government from the news media because it would be impossible to gather all the news themselves.

The oldest media forms are newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters, and also other printed material.
Also, these publications are collectively known as the Print Media. 

Broadcast Media are the news reports broadcast via radio and television. Television news is hugely important in the United States because more and more Americans get their news from television broadcasts than from any other source.

The Internet is totally transforming the news media because more Americans are relying on online sources of news instead of traditional print and broadcast media.

Why choose Mass Communication in Kanpur? – Factors in points

Apart from its historical and also political significance, Kanpur is also one of the most popular choices for students in India.

  • Availability of great Colleges – It is home to a number of well-reputed mass communication Colleges that also consistently rank among the top mass communication colleges in the country.
  • Career opportunities- From Google, American Express, SAP Labs, to Adobe Systems, some of the biggest global organizations have their Indian headquarters in Kanpur.

If you are searching for the best mass communication colleges in Kanpur, we have a list of top 5 mass communication colleges in Kanpur!

Top 5 Mass Communication Colleges in Kanpur

If someone’s dream is to work in the entertainment or also even the news industry and he is confused to choose the best mass communication college or institute.
We must say there are lots of students also out there who are going through this problem.
Mass Communication colleges and Institutes in Kanpur also provide so many full-time, part-time (Graduate & Undergraduate) courses to those students who are seeking to get a proper education in mass communication and journalism.

If we talk about, the process of finding and joining the best journalism and mass communication college or even institute sometimes it can be very tough. There are so many different colleges of mass communication to join and because of their high-scale advertising all over students get confused many times.

Rank 1: Kanpur National University

Top 5 Mass Communication Colleges In Kanpur

Kanpur National University

Kanpur National University is committed to developing outstanding media managers and media creators for films, television, radio, print, and multimedia, as well as creative advertising and enthusiastic marketing professionals. While they enjoy the recognition of being the best mass communication college in India our efforts are highly focused on providing all our students with courses that enrich their life while they learn.

Course Name – Entrance & Eligibility

Kanpur National University offers a Diploma Course in the Development Journalism to mid-career journalists from Non-aligned and Developing Countries.

Placements at Kanpur National University

It has recorded a decent success rate of student placements in the year 2019. Some prominent media houses hiring from this institute are Times Now, Hindu, India Today, among others.

Differential Factor

Exposure is there but eventually, it will also be your capability that will take you forward.

Contact Details

  • Address: Kanpur National University, Kanpur
  • Contact: 8899778867
  • Website:

Rank 2: Amity University Online

Top 5 Mass Communication Colleges In Kanpur

Amity University Online

Established in 1999, Amity University Online, Kanpur has also witnessed great and rapid growth in terms of infrastructure, faculty, placement, and performance.

Course Name – Entrance & Eligibility

Amity University Online offers various courses at the undergraduate level such as a bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication and at a postgraduate level such as Masters in Advertising and Marketing Management, and so on.

Placements at Amity University Online

The placement cell of the college frequently organizes guest lectures, workshops, and also pre-placement talks by experts in the field. These experts are from the industry as well as academic fields. Also, ASCO strives only for excellence and aims to provide students with the best possible opportunities.

Differential Factor

The College being affiliated to Amity University also has eligibility for the centralized Scholarship programme. Meritorious students.

Contact Details

  • Address: Amity University Online, Amity Road, Kanpur
  • Contact: 9878987654
  • Website:

Rank 3: RKDF University

Top 5 Mass Communication Colleges In Kanpur

RKDF University

Established in 1999, the RKDF University is a leading institute of mass communication in India. This University always focuses on making a big difference through its curriculum and practical teaching methodologies.

Course Name – Entrance & Eligibility

Some of the courses offered by RKDF University include news media, filmmaking, photography, public relations, also advertising, radio & TV journalism, etc. Such courses have high demand when it comes to employment opportunities.

Placements at RKDF University

The College has a placement cell that aims at also enhancing the employability of eligible students. Few of the highlight of  this University placements 2019 are listed below:

  • The Institute recorded 90 percent of placements
  • The average of CTC offered was Rs 3 LPA

Differential Factor

They have faculty who come from leading corporate organizations like Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, Ideas Guild, Fourth Estate, also Perfect Relations, and Genesis PR among many others.

Contact Details

  • Address: Survey No 2, 3,4, RKDF University, Kanpur
  • Contact: 9210877877
  • Website:

Rank 4: Arena Animation

Top 5 Mass Communication Colleges In Kanpur

Arena Animation

Arena Animation was established in the year 1924. It is also the only college that offers an undergraduate program in mass media and mass communication.

Course Name- Entrance and Eligibility

It offers BA (Hons.) degree in economics, English, Hindi, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, Sanskrit, also music, sociology, geography, BSc (Hons.) degree in computer science, mathematics, BCom (Hons.), BA (Hons.) in multimedia and mass communication and BA program.

Placement at Arena Animation

It trains all the students, also equips them with all the skills. In the session 2018-19, the highest salary package was INR 7 lakh per annum and also the average salary package was 4 lakh per annum.

Differential Factor

The college offers scholarships to all the meritorious students.

Contact Details

  • Address: Arena Animation, June Road Kanpur
  • Phone: 8899789876
  • Website:

Rank 5: Amity University

Top 5 Mass Communication Colleges in Kanpur

Amity University

In the year 1956, Amity University established this college. It has also all over 16 courses of study, 150 employees and 2000 students. It is also one of the most well-known arts colleges in India.

Course Name- Entrance and Eligibility

The college offers undergraduate courses in English, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, also Journalism and Mass Education, Sanskrit, and Physical Education. The college also provides a one-year diploma program in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding. It also has the provision for a BA program.      

Placement at Amity University

In the session 2018-19, 115 students got placed in the respective recruitment drive. The average salary package was 7.5 LPA and also the highest salary package was 37.8 LPA. More than 100 companies also participated in the recruitment drive.

Differential Factor

The college provides scholarship to all the meritorious students. They are given after analysing the marks obtained by them in also the respective college exam. Scholarships for students who need financial assistance.

Contact Details

  • Address: Amity University, Kanpur
  • Phone: 8989786789
  • Website:


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Specialization in Mass Communication

  • Advertising-  Advertising is a subset of marketing and involves promoting or selling products, services, or different ideas. Also, No one is safe from advertisements as they are everywhere, from highway billboards and newspaper ads to television and radio commercials.
  • Public relations- Public relations (PR) focuses on maintaining a positive image between a great company/individual and the public and media. This can also be by issuing press releases to the media, scheduling public appearances and managing bad publicity.

Careers after Mass Communication

Like any career option, mass communication also has positive features as well as a flip side.
A career in mass communication requires commitment, dedication, and sacrifice of personal time for the sake of staying on front or top, particularly in the news industry.

Following are the various job profiles to graduates in mass communication:

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Film Director
  • TV Correspondent
  • Producer


The study of mass communication encompasses all the academic studies of various means of communication. Successful completion of mass communication courses opens a plethora of opportunities for students in various fields of advertising, journalism, public relations, event management, broadcast journalism, the internet, and radio. Try to know more about these mass communication colleges, go to their website, visit their facility, and also talk to the past and existing students to get a better idea about the colleges. This will also make it easier for you to select the best for your mass communication course. 

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