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Top 7 Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata

Top 7 Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata is an article drafted and crafted by WAC’s Research team. More and more students are finding Professional Training in Digital Marketing. Getting into the best Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata can give any student an edge over others. It is really beneficial for any student to join the top Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata.

Digital Marketing Training Institutes

With the digital world expanding its reach far and wide, every individual, and every organization operates on the internet. Digital marketing has gained immense currency in this process. It is a field that encompasses all the marketing tools that utilize the medium of the internet or electronic device.

Digital marketing is the most sought-after skill for any professional who has roles pertaining to PR, media, or communications. In fact, digital marketing training is so versatile that it can open doors for sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, students, IT and HR professionals, or anyone interested in the field.

Digital marketing training is much more than just learning the art of advertising products or services. Professional digital marketing courses entail learning various tools like Paid Search, Search Engine Optimisation, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, and many more concepts. 

The value of digital marketing is ever-growing, and there is an increasing demand for digital marketing courses for a number of reasons. Digital media’s adoption rate by people has seen exponential growth since 2005. According to reports, over 40% of the world’s population uses the internet today.

Furthermore, there is a clear gap between the high demand for digital advertising and the relatively lesser number of skilled digital marketing professionals.

Not just that, the internet is a place of quick changes which means digital media platforms alter often. This necessitates an update in skills for those professionals who are already in the digital marketing industry.

Finally, since 2015, there has been a boom in Internet-based businesses which has put more pressure on the talent gap, increasing the need for digital marketing talent.

Things to Look for in Institutes before Taking up Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

There are a number of factors every potential digital marketing student should consider before choosing the institute in which they want to pursue a digital marketing course. These determinants are:

  • Faculty: The faculty of marketing and/or digital marketing in an institute is one of the most important indicators of how well your digital marketing training will go. The faculty members of a digital marketing institute are going to be your potential mentors and guides, the professionals who will teach you basics. So it is most important that you go through the details of the faculty in various institutes before making a decision.
  • Course Curriculum: A course curriculum has the power to decide how well you will perform as a digital marketing professional. A good course curriculum will include papers that will not only teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing but also offer added skills and specialisation.
  • Certifications: There are various certifications in the academic realm of marketing that hold weight when it comes to how valuable a digital marketing institute is. Your determinants in this respect should be what kind of certification you will be awarded after the end of your course. A competent digital marketing institute should offer you either one, or many out of these: Google AdWords Certification, Facebook Planning Professional, Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification, Hubspot Content Marketing Certification, and PCM-digital marketing.
  • Duration: Depending on what area of digital marketing you are looking for, you should zero in on the duration that a digital marketing institute has scheduled for a course.  Courses vary between 3-5 months to 1 year and can be through many modes. Choosing an institute on the basis of duration depends on the time you can commit.
  • Online or Offline: Some institutes offer only offline or online mode of digital marketing course while some offer an option between both. Based on your learning preference and in what medium you want to undertake the digital marketing training, you may choose the institute of your choice.
  • Fee Structure: This is an important determinant as well, as prospective students need to understand that when it comes to skills acquisition in digital marketing, how less or how much money a course is asking for is subject to what they can comfortably afford. Hence, choose the institute after working on your course funding options.
  • Job Assistance: Most candidates enrol for digital marketing courses in the hope of a guaranteed working opportunity. It has been established that there is a shortage of digital marketing talent in the industry, so a job is almost always a given. However, the kind of organisations and companies that a digital marketing institute has a tie-up with for recruitment is a major game changer for its students’ future. One must choose an institute that has a reputation for helping their course candidates in terms of job assistance and employment guidance.

Kolkata as a Centre of Digital Marketing Course Learning

Kolkata is a place in India that fast adapts to the new and upcoming needs of business and education. It is natural then that Kolkata also houses institutes that provide excellent digital marketing courses and training. There are more than 15 eminent digital marketing institutes in Kolkata with choices of an offline and online modes of learning.

Kolkata as a city offers a range of accommodations for students with a culturally rich heritage to explore in their free time. When it comes to digital marketing job opportunities, Kolkata as the capital of West Bengal is a digital Marketing ub of careers sprouting out of digital marketing. 

Offline Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata Vs Online Training

Classroom Training

Online Training

List of Top 7 Digital Marketing Institutes In Kolkata | Get Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

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Rank 1 Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

Rank 1: Techgyan

In digital marketing, you use online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing to promote and sell items. When it comes down to it, digital marketing is nothing more than a kind of marketing, period.

Business owners use it to get their message in front of their most valuable prospects and consumers in today’s market.

You have to know when to make the appropriate offers and where to put them. Your consumers are online today: they’re on social media, reading blogs and news sites, and looking online when they need a product or service.

Thanks to digital marketing, your top prospects can see you, learn more about you, and even ask questions about you and your products or services.

If you’re new to digital marketing, then it will be the perfect time for you to take Techgyan’s digital marketing course.

Get the skills you need to advance in your current business and stand out among your rivals by taking advantage of our Digital Marketing Training Program.

To help students accomplish their professional goals in the technology-driven digital world and earn a handsome payout, Techgyan’s Digital Marketing course is a well-structured Digital Marketing Course.

About the Institute

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Rank 2 Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

Rank 2: Technophilia

Your knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), social media (SMM), pay-per-click (PPC), conversion-optimization (CRO), digital analytics (DA), and mobile (Email) marketing will be enhanced as a result of this Digital Marketing Certification Course. The Facebook team will teach you how to use the newest tools, work on real-world projects, and give you classes on how to use them.

With this online certification course, you’ll get an in-depth grasp of the eight most significant digital marketing areas, including real-world assignments and virtual simulations for acquiring domain expertise. After completing this course, you’ll be exposed to 30 digital marketing technologies, significant project experience, and Mimic Pro simulations to become job-ready.

You will obtain a digital marketing certificate from Simplilearn once you have completed this digital marketing training program, confirming that you have gained a Digital Marketing Specialist’s skill set and verifying your competence to lead digital marketing activities in your business.

Technophilia provides an excellent Digital Marketing course in Kolkata that is well worth taking. All of these courses are geared toward working professionals. As a result, you may maintain your work while still learning new skills. 

The greatest mentors and industry experts in Digital Marketing teach Technophilia courses. Students receive placement help at some of the country’s best businesses, in addition to frequent engagement and one-on-one communication sessions with mentors.

About the Institute

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Rank 3: Acesoftech Academy

It is a premier Information Technology Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata. Acesoftech Academy forms a part of Suhanasoftech Pvt. Ltd (Web Design Company) and it imparts superior quality courses in web design, web development, and digital marketing.

Acesoftech is well known for SEO training as well as training in open source software like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, or Oscommerce.

About the Institute

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Rank 4: Seven Boats Academy

SevenBoats Academy is a division of the Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. and offers one of the best digital marketing courses in India. It was established in 2011 and has trained more than 3000 students and professionals in India and abroad.

The institute offers digital marketing courses in Kolkata in the format of classroom training as well as online training.

About the Institute

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Rank 5: Karmick Institute

Karmick Institute is one of the leading Digital Marketing course in Kolkata training providers in eastern India.  Karmick Institute provides its students with training solutions so that they are able to excel in the information technology industry. Karmick Institute has also created the Karmick Solutions Private Limited company, a software development firm.

About the Institute

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Rank 6: White Hat Academy

Whitehat Academy offers a complete set of Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata as well as PHP training. It was founded in 2011, and the institute aims to fill the gap between demand and supply in the digital marketing world. The academy has tie-ups with IT companies and firms which are a potential destination for its students.

About the Institute

Contact Details

  • Address: Merlin Infinite, DN – 51, Office No. – 814, 8th Floor, Sector – V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091, West Bengal, India
  • Contact Numbers: +91-9903194492
  • Email Address:

Rank 7: W3 WebSchool

The W3WebSchool is a fully dedicated computer training organization in the field of web-based training. It is one of the best-ranked web schools in Kolkata. The Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata has a set of courses that suit the needs of the IT and digital marketing industry, and its aim is to provide quality digital marketing training to students with minimum eligibility criteria being basic computer knowledge.

About the Institute

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Insights into Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital marketing is interdisciplinary in nature. There are a number of areas that a digital marketing student is likely to land in or touch upon during the course of their training or career.

In terms of trending and upcoming tech fields, digital marketing can land students in fields like interactive technology such as Artificial Intelligence. This might seem like a specialized area of IT professionals, but the right digital marketing course can be a stepping stone towards careers in IT too.

Additionally, disciplines pertaining to marketing are always open for students of digital marketing. These are mobile marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social media, email marketing, and analytics.

For business professionals or those working in the commercial sphere, digital marketing gives a pathway to e-commerce and business or marketing strategy. Furthermore, careers in content management and curation, and graphics design like web development and web design are also possible for those who complete a digital marketing course.

Jobs in Digital Marketing

Here is a list of jobs that a student can land in as and when they complete digital marketing course:

  • Advertising and Media Professional
  • A career in Digital Media Agencies like Quint, Scoopwhoop, PopXo, etc
  • Analytics Companies
  • Marketing Department of various e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc
  • Marketing professionals in MNCs and Banks
  • Marketing professionals in Software Companies for the development of web portals, mobile apps, etc.
  • Freelance

Other job positions that are available are:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Content Designer
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Expert/Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • SEO executives
  • Conversion Rate Optimiser
  • Copywriters

Degree Courses in Digital Marketing

Interested applicants can consider degree courses between two groups of digital marketing institutes:

Digital Marketing Institutes in India

There has been an exponential growth in terms of profits that digital marketing companies have earned in India. Even other related fields have seen growth but what remains constant is the continuous increase in the demand for digital marketing professionals in India. This happened partly because of the Indian government’s effort to digitize the nation. With projects like Digital India, the demand for digital marketing professionals is bound to increase.

More and more Indians now have access to the internet which elevates the value of people involved in digital marketing. The challenges that online businesses face are reported to have a solution that rests in the skills of digital marketing professionals.

Throughout India, digital marketing training is accessible in the form of a certificate course or postgraduate diploma (PGD) from renowned institutes. Kolkata stands out as a hub for education in digital marketing and business because the services offered by digital marketing institutes are plenty.

Institutes of Kolkata are important in the growing opportunities for digital marketers as the training that they provide are concept-specific as well. Thus one can choose from a variety of degrees within digital marketing courses-Certificate, professional, advanced, and entrepreneurial.

Digital Marketing Institutes Abroad

A digital marketing course outside India is as thorough and well laid out as it is in India. In terms of digital marketing learning in particular countries or universities and institutes, the course curriculum may vary depending upon the institute and the duration of the course.  The subjects offered within the course may vary too. The degrees offered can are MA (Master of Art)  MSc (Master of Science) or MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Overseas degree courses in digital marketing cover subjects like digital marketing segmentation, influencer marketing, forms of advertising, theoretical topics like game development, entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing and more. 

Top universities in the USA for digital marketing include Temple University, Baruch College, New York University, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Southern California. Singapore has National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University that students can enrol in. In the UK students can look up from options of Universities in South Wales, Kent, Southampton, and Reading.

Australia too is a great hub of learning for digital marketing courses. The institutes one can consider are the University of Technology in Sydney, RMIT University, and Victoria University.

Other Notable Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

1st: Calcutta Media Institute | Best Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

A wholly owned subsidiary of ABP Pvt Ltd., CMI was founded in 2011 and offers Post Graduate Diploma course in digital marketing. CMI is ranked among the 10 most promising Media and Communication Institutes as per Higher Education Review. CMI also offers digital marketing courses for working professionals.

CMI is actively involved with The Advertising Club, Calcutta Management Association and Bengal Chamber.

Course Curriculum

CMI offers PGDMM in Digital marketing which is a 1-year course, divided into 2 semesters. The final semester involves an internship period. This digital marketing course prepares the student for certification examinations for Google Adwords and Google Analytics in addition to theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.

CMI also offers a Certificate Course on Digital Marketing for entrepreneurs and professionals. The course is divided into 12 modules including industry case study and an examination. Each module has 3 classroom sessions of 2 hours each. The total hour input for this course is 48 hours.


Core faculty for PGDMM is headed by Atanu Ghosh who is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, as well as founder and CEO of Salt n Soap, an e-commerce startup. Other members of the faculty are Amitabha Sinha, Abhijan Nandy, Partha Das, Samrat Mukherjee (Founder and CEO, Crow’s Nest), Anjan Bhadra and Susmita Mukhopadhyay. Mr Atanu Ghosh also forms the single member faculty for the certificate course.

What makes CMI stand out?

CMI has a partnership with IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) and has evolved customised modules on digital marketing training for specialists as well. The certificate course is a special 48-hour classroom digital marketing course which gives candidates hands-on experience. Some notable recruiters at the placement cell of CMI include Indiabulls, Vodafone, RedBus, Versus Communications, and ABP. Furthermore, CMI has been ranked the third best marketing communication and advertising institute in India and the second best media institute in eastern India.

For a wholesome experience at the campus, there are multiple events and workshops throughout the academic period, and the infrastructure at the campus is student-friendly.

Some notable alumni of CMI are Amrita Ray (Executive at ABP One), Deepanwita Banerjee (Genpact), and Rohit Gupta (J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Senior Specialist).

CMI also provides students with ample internship opportunities at advertising agencies, media agencies, event marketing companies, public relations firms, media and production houses as well as talent management agencies while the students are pursuing their courses at the institute.

Contact Details

2nd: Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing

AIDM is a leading digital marketing institute in Kolkata. It is a part of the Advances Group of Institutions and was established in 2001. The institute offers three kinds of courses for the digital marketing-Certification program in digital marketing, a professional program digital marketing institute in Kolkata, as well as an advanced course in digital marketing Training in Kolkata.

AIDM offers its courses through the Advanced Institute of Modern Management and Technology, and the Advanced College of Management which is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology.

Course Curriculum

The 1-month certification program in digital marketing (CPDM) focuses on aspects of online marketing tools in the realm of search engines (Search Engine Optimisation). The classes are designed as 2-hour sessions thrice a week. This digital marketing Training in Kolkata is best for those who hold a traditional knowledge of marketing skills.

The professional digital marketing Training in Kolkata Course has a 3-month training period focusing on marketing tools on the internet on various platforms. Classes are 2 hours long and are held a week thrice. This course is recommended for college students who are aiming for career-oriented skills and experienced employees.

Finally, the advanced programme in digital marketing (APDM) is a 6-month course focuses on in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and offers non-Google SEO packages. The classes are held three times a week and have 2-hour duration each.

What makes AIDM special?

The courses at AIDM are short-termed but extremely intensive and comprehensive in skills and knowledge. The goal of the institute is to make its students competent in the digital advertising world. AIDM provides one of the best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) training in Kolkata which is a fundamental element of digital marketing training.

AIDM’s defining quality is the course outline it provides to its students which includes bare essentials of advanced promotion and advertising on the internet. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that students graduate from the institute with excellent and advanced digital marketing Training in Kolkata skills in hand, equipped with all the necessary professional qualities and knowledge.

The institute also offers advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) training and a thorough provision of all branches of digital marketing training. These include subjects like internet marketing, search engine marketing, Social Media Optimisation (SMO), email and mobile marketing, as well as classes for online directories. 

By the end of their digital marketing course at AIDM, students would get a certificate of Diploma, Graduate as well as Post-graduation degree depending on the choice of their course.

Contact Details

  • Address: Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing, 238 B, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Lake Gardens, Kolkata – 700045
  • Phone: +9133 4005 3715
  • Email:


The choice of having a career digital marketing institute in Kolkata is not restricted to a certain set of professionals. It can be a career path taken up by techs, creative people, and even business professionals. Digital marketing is an ever-changing and ever-engaging field that still has a dearth of digitally skilled professionals. Digital Marketing learning provides many advantages like good earning, room for creativity, and is versatile as a field. The best part about digital marketing learning is that one can train at their own pace.

It is important to pick up the right digital marketing institute. With a varied set of institutes offering different fee structures, diversified curriculum, competent faculty, and duration as per preferences, pursuing digital marketing learning has never been so exciting.