Tips to score well in CET

CET requires months of preparation and hard work. But slipping on a few things will make all your efforts futile. Learn how to approach the CET to make the cut to the best B school. Go on and read all the tips to score well in CET .

Tips to score well in CET

Tips to score well in CET which helps you to get great collages     



Scoring well in any competitive examination is not just about learning, revising, re-revising and spending your days inside the house doing nothing but studying. If you continue to take the old route, chances are success will elude you. One needs to combine hard work with a few tactics and tricks to make it all count. Follow a few steps to score well in CET.


  1. Make short notes: This is something which has been advocated your entire life as a student and it works well here also. Make short notes to revise in the last few days before the big exam. Reading up all the books makes no sense at this time as you can’t practically go through everything. So keep short notes handy and revise these in the last few days before the exam.
  2. Mock tests: Take a few mock tests from previous years’ papers. This helps you learn all about time management, format of the paper and the kinds of questions asked.
  3. Time management: You have to answer 200 questions in the given 150 minutes, which means you only have a few seconds for each question. Be calm and do not get hassled with this. Read up carefully and choose the answer as soon as you can.
  4. Strategy: The paper is not particularly divided into any sections but has questions on verbal ability and reasoning, quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. As there are no sections you cannot choose one over the other. Remember to have a clear mind while attempting the paper and attempt those you know quickly and come back to the rest later.
  5. Bag: Be ready with everything you will need in the examination hall at least a day in advance. Do not rush on the day of the exam. Your mind is already full with too much, you don’t want to hassle yourself with the nitty-gritty on D day.

These simple tips need to be followed religiously to keep cool and attempt the paper well. Mix these with hard work and you end up with a satisfactory paper and hopefully good results.

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