Choosing the right B-school

An MBA degree is still a coveted thing but the nature of the course has undergone huge change. There are various specialised courses, placements have new patterns and much more. So it is important to choose the right business school.
                how to chose right business school            Masters in Business administration or MBA is no longer just about learning the basic business techniques. There is much more to it and that is why it is important to choose the right institute to pursue your MBA. Do not take a decision based on someone else’s viewpoint. There are various pointers that one needs to keep in mind while short listing B schools.
  1.   Chosen course: It is important to be very clear on what type of course one needs to do- a generic one or specialised. While almost all B school provide generic MBA, only a few have a specialisation in your choice of field. For eg. If you choose to specialise in finance, then while shortlisting institutes remember to list down all those schools that provide specialisation in your choice of field. Similarly, a student who wants to specialise in communication needs to list down institutes accordingly.
  2. Rank: A business school’s rank is also imperative. However, it is not practically possible for everyone to get a seat in IIMs or the ISB. So be realistic but that does not mean you enrol in just any institute. Also, the institute you target should have a background of positive results in your chosen field. So if you want to do a MBA in finance, the institute should be known for good results and placements in this particular field. A B school’s standing in the market in important if you wish to get a good job after you complete your MBA.
  1. Placements: This is one of the most important points to be kept in mind. A college’s track record in offering placements, both in quality and quantity, should be a point of consideration when you choose a B school. Look at who all visit for guest lectures. That itself is a very important indicator towards the college’s standing.
  It is not that tough to choose a B school if you move cautiously and keep these pointers in mind.  

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