Sync with Music-Drumming – Seminar- Part of Motivational Video by Bobby D’souza

Sync with Music

A snapshot of a live Seminar conducted in Bangalore India during a Leadership & Team Building keynote session! and the video forms  the part of Motivational Video by Bobby D’souza

Sync with Music – Drumming session

The word rhythm in Greek means to flow. Drumming is a path of healing that guides us into experiencing the flow of our mind and emotions so we may grow to experience more about our soul!

We conduct drum circles,musical workshops interlinked to your day long strategic business meet, or a team Building or leadership workshop ,this workshop helps people to use human percussion & drumming to create music together learning the power of collaboration in a musical way!

Snippets of A Live Seminar

The below video is a snippet from the Live Seminar conducted by Bobby D’Souza forming a part of Motivational Video by Bobby D’souza for What After College. The video use the power of music and the magic that it brings to cleanse the mind and mood of the audience and listeners . Through the usage of musical instruments and conducting a drumming session which involves his audience, Bobby D’Souza is embarking on a new and innovative methodology in providing strong messages and meditational qualities for the audience.



Motivational Video by Bobby D'souzaBobby Dsouza is a Key note, motivational speaker, Writer, facilitator, corporate Trainer & a budding artist in song composition with a taste for music & dramatics .he has trained 12,670 plus people across India till date including 3000 students.

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Catch more of Motivational Video by Bobby D’souza on his youtube channel and more on the speaker on his linkedin page 

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