7 amazing things to do post lectures

Lectures are the most boring thing in the world. And if they are by an even boring professor, they vex you to a limit that you  make plans of a sweet escape. You keep looking at your watch (read : phone) and count every minute till the sound of the bell reaches your ears. And then you pack your bags and you run post lectures. You run like a madman. You run like never before. Well, at least you think of doing this sort of antics.

What after the bell has rung and it’s time to go home but you don’t have the heart to go home, not yet, and wish you could have some fun that would cost you a little time and even less money and refresh your mind so that you could think clearly and make your way home happily? Phew! You can achieve this herculean task with our ‘7 sweet tips.’

Here are 7 things to do post lectures :

  1. Grab a bite

post lecturesFoodie or no foodie, food has the tendency to make people happy. You can take a seat at your canteen, order a burger, a cake or whatever you like and brighten up. Or if you are sick of eating canteen food, walk around your college campus, and you will surely find food stalls lined up attracting students like honey attracts bees. Sometimes, these stalls become your favourite fast food spot in the course of time. If you are very peculiar on hygiene and have a heavy pocket, you can go for a fine dine lunch at a nearby restaurant or find a Pizza Hut or Burger King using Google Maps or simply go to the mall and save yourself the effort.

  1. Watch a movie

These days, movie provide a great source of rescue as well as entertainment. There’s always a good movie you can find at the cinema among a bunch of others. If you have a huge gang with you, the better the fun. With a playful group, you can enjoy anything as sick as a Bhojpuri film. Friends are naturally born with the talent of extracting jokes from the most mundane events. So buy yourself a ticket, a bag of popcorn and enjoy!

  1. Play games

What kind of games, you may ask. Not the sleazy ones, of course. You can play cricket, tennis, badminton, football in your college campus. You can cheer the ones who are playing. If your college offers you a good set of games with a nice playground, use it. You can also hit the mall, swipe your card and play bowling, ice hockey, etc.

  1. Walk in a park

If you want to make peace with your inner self, visit a park. Behold the serene beauty around you. Sit on a bench or walk around and observe how good a companion can nature be. Listen to the birds chirping, the leaves rustling and the soft wind caressing you. It’s bliss. It eternal joy to be with nature. If you have your friends with you, you can settle at a quite place and unbox your lunch boxes / tiffin, provided that your local park allows eatery inside.

  1. Shop

Go street shopping! Nothing can be compared to the happiness of purchasing a new cardigan or a new pair of jeans. If you ran out of your pocket money, you can do window shopping. Make a list of items you like and come back later and purchase them.

  1. Visit the library

Just kidding! (We don’t want our readers to close this page).

  1. Wander

If you have nothing to do and your mood does not allow you to shop or eat or play, wander on the streets. Take a different route home and you will be thrilled at the experience of how adventurous travelling can be. Watch the people passing by, moving busily about their work, children going to school, vehicles struggling to get ahead and buses blocking their way, students walking with eyes glued to their phone oblivious of the surrounding..

It’s one thing to be a part of the buzz and completely other to observe it from a distance.

If you have nothing to do post lectures, remember the above tips that will make your day!

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