Best selfie apps : 7 apps for selfie lovers 2017

Looking for the best selfie apps? We don’t blame you. Name someone who does not take selfies.

Speechless, are you?

With better front cameras, high resolution pictures, social media and the trend cycle, selfie game has been going on strong. Wherever you go, you will find people taking selfies. Selfie with Taj Mahal, Selfie with Metro trains, Selfie with dogs and cats, selfie with food, selfie with a new lipstick, selfie with a friend you met after a decade, selfie with a friend who is always with you, selfie with an enemy…. the list is endless.

Celebrities have given a boost to this trend. It appeared somewhere in 2014 and it still continues, with new variations introduced such as pout selfie, fish face selfie, tight lipped selfie, tongue out selfie etc. Who can forget innumerable selfie filters introduced by Snapchat with animal face, ugly face, etc. A particular filter that quickly strikes memory is the dog filter. Millions of people around the globe had it as their profile picture for several days. We still find them in abundance on Snapchat and Instagram stories. You might not have the best camera phone, but you can still use these apps to enhance your pictures.

So! If you are a selfie person, you are likely to have these 7 amazing selfie apps on your device.

Here are the best selfie apps you need to check out


Best selfie appsApparently Snapchat appears to be the most loved app of selfie maniacs. With its dynamic features and filters, it is the no. 1 favourite of all of us! It upgrades it’s filters frequently. You can take a selfie on Snapchat and share it among your followers. You can also view the selfies others share.


One of the best selfie apps, Camera360 has lively features to brighten up your photo. It has n number of filters, from making your skin rosy to adding a vintage touch to your selfie. I’m sure this is the first preference of selfie lovers, in the absence of Snapchat. You can also edit photos before sending them over to your social groups.

Beauty Plus

As the name suggests, Beauty Plus adds to your beauty, enhancing your features with striking filters. It is available on the PlayStore for free and it has a 100 million user base. It is suitable for both photos and videos. You can anime your photo with its AnimeCam feature. It also provides options to reduce blemishes, whiten teeth, soften your skin etc. It has a number of other filters to choose from that beauties your picture without making it look fake.

YouCam – Perfect Selfie Cam

This app comes with a number of built-in effects. Before capturing an image, you can view how the image or video will look like with its real time beautifying features. Yes, you can also edit videos through this app. Editing is as easy as taking pictures in this app. Selfie lovers are mad about it.

CandyCameraWith its real time filters, Candy Camera is expanding its user base rapidly. It has more than a hundred filters to choose from. Thus, you can never have enough of it and you can actually view how a picture looks like in the filter without capturing it. It is available on the PlayStore and is absolutely free for download.

InstaSelfie Cam Pic Collage

If you want to make awesome collage, this app is the right choice for you. In a few simple steps, you can edit your photos, add effects, frames, background and share it on your social media networks. It gives you 30 templates to choose from.


Retrica is another app that selfie lovers absolutely love! It has 50+ free filters. It let’s you set the timer before taking a picture. It is the perfect app for taking vintage pics. It also has other special filters that can be unlocked when you upgrade the app.

Hope we were able to help you find the best selfie apps.

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