What is the Cheapest IAS Coaching Center in Delhi?

What is the Cheapest IAS Coaching Center in Delhi

As any IAS aspirant would know that Delhi is known as the Mecca for IAS coaching centres, the coaching fee of many reputed institutes can be a challenge for middle –class and weaker class families. Therefore opting for a cheaper IAS coaching centre could be the only option for such students. Although there are some free coaching institutes available for IAS students, not all can avail of its benefit as only the select few make their way merit list based on their academic performance and are eligible for the stipend. Several Well–known IAS coaching centres have an affordable fee structure for their students and provide quality services too. Below we have discussed What is the cheapest IAS coaching center in Delhi?

What is the Cheapest IAS Coaching Center in Delhi?

If you are looking for the cheapest IAS coaching centre, then Beacon IAS coaching centre located in the Model Town Delhi is just the place for you. The total fee for the course is about  120,000 lakh rupees for an 11-month  IAS course for the IAS exam. Although cheap IAS coaching centres are great for your pocket, the quality of education should be the main focus. Listed below are few pointers to keep in mind while opting for a cheap IAS coaching institute in Delhi.

Quality Of Education

There are some coaching institutes that charge relatively low fees for IAS coaching, however, the quality of education is not up to mark. If you are investing money for your IAS coaching, make sure that the investment is worth it. Choosing the IAS coaching centre solely based on money could lead to your downfall.  Never compromise on the quality of education a coaching institute imparts, or your dream of becoming a successful candidate will be relatively low amongst the severe competition.

Facilities On Offer

Some flourishing IAS coaching institutes have low fee structure, but they do not provide any facilities for their students. Sometimes the students have to collect their study material, current affairs, etc at their own expense. It will lead to an added expenditure on the student’s part. Make sure to get all information on the different facilities the coaching center is providing before enrolling in one.


Many cheap IAS coaching centres lack in terms of infrastructure. The coaching classroom should be well- maintained and ventilated, even if it is not air-conditioned. A proper classroom environment will help you focus on your study and not keep you from getting detracted. Check the IAS coaching centre by inspecting the classroom before opting for any cheap or affordable IAS coaching centre.

Learnt Faculty

The learned faculty can have an impact on your final results. A good mentor can provide you with correct guidance, time- management skill, and help you with strategic preparation to successfully ace the test. It should be among the first things to notice when enrolling in a cheap IAS coaching center. Know more about the faculty in terms of their years of experience, teaching style, etc, to make a sound decision. However, some reputed IAS coaching centers will low fees do have some expert and qualified faculty in their team.

Housing Facilities

Delhi is an expensive place to live in, and if you are looking for a cheap coaching centre to stay within a limited budget. Make sure to include the housing facilities before making a final call. If the coaching center does not offer housing facilities, then take that into account, and opt for the more affordable IAS coaching centre with housing facilities on offer. Several IAS coaching centers offer housing facilities at a low price that you can opt for them.

Number Of Students Per Batch

Many IAS coaching centers in Delhi have a low fee structure because they have a large number of students per batch. It will lead to no personal or individual approach as the mentor will not be able to clarify all your doubts as the time spends per student will be relatively low. Therefore, there will be no personalized advice or guidance to make sure that you are on the right path. Hence, enquire about the number of students per batch to get a better understanding of the quality of services on offer by the potential coaching centre.

Tax Included In Fee Structure

Several IAS coaching does not include the tax on their fee structure. This tax is then to be barred by the students that could add to the limited budget that you have kept aside for your IAS coaching expense for the year. You might have to compromise on some essential things like food, accommodation, etc, this could add stress on your part. Browse through the IAS coaching center prospects carefully to see whether or not the taxes are included in the fee structure of the institute to make a smart decision.

Mock Interview Guidance

Some coaching centers only provide for prelims and mains IAS coaching guidance but do not include mock interview guidance in their services. It could be a huge loss to you if you manage to pass the two stages of the IAS exam and selected for the interview round. The coaching centre that provides mock interview guidance can help shape attributes the experts are looking for in terms of analytical ability, decision making, and logical thinking, etc. Choose the coaching centre keeping in mind mock interview guidance to guarantee that you get value for your investment.

The above–discussed pointers will allow you to make a smart choice when opting for a cheap IAS coaching center in Delhi. However, in case you do not find any reliable coaching centre with a low fee structure that best suits your needs, you can also opt for an online coaching centre. These are affordable in comparison to the physical classes. Many reputed and coveted IAS coaching centres conduct online guidance for their students, where you can avail of their expertise at a lower expense.

Make sure to work hard through self-study and not entirely rely on a coaching centre for your IAS exam. Some successful IAS candidates have clear their IAS exam by studying at a cheap or affordable IAS coaching institute. It is because they understand that to clear the test, one has to work hard and have the perseverance to achieve their goal.