Which is the Best Hindi Medium Coaching for IAS in Delhi?

Which is the Best Hindi Medium Coaching for IAS in Delhi

Although English medium students dominate the IAS exam, many Hindi medium students hail from Patna, Allahabad, etc to appear for the UPSC exam every year. Delhi does have some good Hindi medium coaching for IAS where Hindi medium students can get admission. These Hindi medium IAS coachings follow the same procedure of admission as the English medium IAS coaching the only difference is the language. Students who wish to take admission in Hindi medium IAS coaching have to clear the written test conducted by the institute.

Which is the Best Hindi Medium Coaching for IAS in Delhi?

Delhi houses several coveted and renowned Hindi medium IAS coaching centres, but Drishti IAS is considered among the best Hindi medium coaching for IAS in Delhi. The coaching centre provides for right mythology and proper guidance for Hindi medium IAS aspirants. Listed below are few facilities that Drishti IAS provides for its students to help them ace their IAS exam.

News and Editorial Sections

Drishti IAS covers the daily news by handpicking the relevant topics from a variety of newspapers and websites by properly highlighting, tagging them for easy research, and readability of their students. The editorials are kept short and covered by a trustworthy source. They also provide important diagrams and infographics to students to help them understand better. They maintain their editorial section very accurately and wisely which has made them among the top Hindi medium IAS coaching in Delhi.

Distant Learning Program

The distance learning program helps students from other parts of the country to avail of their expertise without actually moving to Delhi. These are a one-stop solution to clear the IAS exam without burning a hole in the pocket. The course has a spaced learning technique and is designed following the needs of the current UPSC exam. They also provide online guidance and support via Email.

To The Point Approach On Topic

It is among the best facilities offered by the institute. They approach a particular topic easily and directly by bulleting points, adding value, and concluding sharply. This helps students to understand and learn topics quickly.

Practice quiz

hindi medium ias coaching

Drishti IAS offers tons of practice quizzes for their students from current affairs, previous question papers, etc to help students stay ahead in the competition. Daily practice will aid students in time management skills and keep them on their toes throughout their IAS exam preparation. These practice quizzes are designed for a weekly or monthly basis. 

Solved Papers

Drishti IAS provides solved papers of various subjects along with case-studies which will help the aspirants in clearing prelims and main exams efficiently. Solved papers help the aspirants to get the idea about the pattern of questions and it will them to get prepare effectively. The solved paper helps the aspirants to prepare better and can predict the type of questions that might be asked in the coming years. 

Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Discussions

Drishti IAS offers a debate session of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Discussions which will bring a synopsis of this program. This discussion helps IAS aspirants into many issues and subjects which are helpful in their Main exam.  These discussions are helpful at the time of interviews or darting the main exams.

Mind Maps

Drishti IAS provides mind mapping to aspirants so that it helps in organization information effectively. It helps in learning better and helps with memorization and retention and also helps in better understanding. Mind mapping is a better technique to learn and information recording efficiently. This Mind mapping technique is an easy method to understand the course easily and effectively.

Ethical Case Study

Drishti IAS provides an ethical case study on different types of topics such as corruption, social norms. They provide a case study that will provide the aspirants to prepare efficiently for the interview round as it will help them to discuss easily. These coaching centres help aspirants in providing effective pen drive classes. 

Hindi Medium Website for Hindi Medium Candidates

Drishti IAS has a website specifically designed for Hindi medium students where all important information is given in the Hindi language. This helps Hindi medium students to get all information easily and without difficulty.

Learning APP

Drishti IAS provides a learning app for Hindi medium students also and offers them the materials and case studies in the Hindi language as well as in English. This app can be diligently used by aspirants for easy learning and can be used at any place from anywhere.

These IAS coaching centre offers monthly consolidation of current affairs to the aspirants and also takes the mock test of the aspirants on monthly basis. Drishti IAS provides General studies special materials to the aspirants related to foreign policy, Indian politics, and world history.  They also provide leading articles related to the current scenario and also various topics prevailing in India and the world. Drishti IAS also provides a gist of the economic survey for 2018-19 and 2019-20 which may help the aspirants during the interview round. 

Drishti IAS also prepares for the state Public service commissions along with these IAS coaching so that the IAS aspirants may get an idea about the other states and its areas. They also provide NCERT Books, NIOS study materials, different types of General studies papers, and many free knowledge resources. Apart from these Drishti provides various kinds of YouTube PDF downloads, Daily current affairs on various topics. They also provide strategies of toppers to other students so that they prepare and clear the exam efficiently. The use of continuous mock tests which helps the students in clearing the exam undoubtedly.

In this modern technological age, Drishti IAS is making use of modern technology and also providing pen drive classes to students at affordable prices. Drishti IAS is continuously developing high-quality video discussions on various issues prevailing in the country and around the world. Drishti IAS is continuously updating various topics on the websites and providing various topics in Hindi and English medium. Apart from providing daily news that will aware of the current affairs to the aspirants.  Experienced teachers provide excellent and detailed analysis of the various subjects and also help those students who cannot come to Delhi for learning by distance learning program and pen drive classes at cost-friendly rates.