Should We Take IAS Coaching In Delhi?

should we take IAS coaching in Delhi ?

Delhi is the nation’s capital city, is the perfect place for the best IAS coaching. The location has a healthy competitive environment along with ideal resources for providing IAS aspirants with the excellent IAS coaching institutes. The learned and experienced faculty members further enhance the chances of cracking the IAS exam in the first few attempts. However, one must keep in mind that coaching centres can only provide you with guidance and resources but cracking the IAS exam requires dedication, hard work, and strategic preparation for the exam on the part of the individual.

Every year thousands of IAS aspirants come to Delhi for IAS coaching. Delhi has become a hub for IAS coaching as students from all over the country come here for the preparation for the IAS exam. The place also boasts several reputed and distinguished coaching centres known for their quality and excellent services at affordable prices. Delhi also offers free IAS coaching for meritorious students belonging to the financially weaker class.

Should We Take IAS Coaching In Delhi?

The answer to this simple question is not easy. If this is an individual’s first attempt and he or she has no idea about the IAS exam, then going for IAS coaching in Delhi is not a bad idea. Delhi has some coveted and well –established coaching institutes that offer quality guidance to their students. However, there are some other factors to keep in mind when taking IAS coaching in Delhi.

Educational Background

Before going to coaching centres in Delhi, consider your educational background. It will help you understand whether or not you are comfortable with the chosen subject for the IAS preparation. If you feel you can handle the IAS syllabus well enough, or, you have some sound knowledge on the selected subject because you have studied in your graduation along with the pressure associated with the IAS exam, you can skip the coaching centres. However, if you feel that you lack the knowledge or the skill for the preparation of the subject as many bright students are attempting to crack the test, then taking IAS coaching is a wise call.

Reading Background

The vastness of the UPSC exam syllabus is well–known, hence, you must be an aggressive reader across different areas for the past few years to successfully crack the GS portion of the IAS exam. If you are not up-to-date with the current affairs of over 2 to 3 years, then it will be strenuous to crack the GS portion of the exam. It is where IAS coaching in Delhi will come to your aid. They will provide you with perfect raw material and guidance to help you ease the process that could be long haul otherwise.

Awareness About The Demands Of The IAS Syllabus

Although educational background could come to your aid, however, UPSC preparation demands a lot more. The foremost thing is that the UPSC exam is a tough nut to crack, even for toppers. Secondly, the  IAS preparation requires individuals to have a vast knowledge of multiple subjects that you might have never read. Apart from this, the test also requires its candidates to identify the connection of entirely two different topics and possess excellent writing skills. These could be a tough challenge for any IAS enthusiast. IAS coaching centers will help you connect the dots and will come to your aid for the IAS exam preparation without having you feel overwhelmed with the exam preparation.


The location also contributes to the factor of whether or not you should opt for IAS coaching in Delhi. If you live in a nearby location to the city and can adjust to the Delhi environment, then getting coaching classes in Delhi should not be problematic. However, if you are someone who has never left the hometown and cannot adjust to a new environment easily, then you should consider that before coming to Delhi for IAS coaching.


Delhi is an expensive place to live in. Therefore, affordability is a very vital factor to consider before hailing to this destination for IAS exam preparation. Apart from the coaching classes’ fee, you have to consider the expenses for accommodation, daily expenses, food, etc. There are some free IAS coaching centres for deserving students; however, they provide students with only 2000 to 2500 rupees stipend. Therefore make sure to jot down all the expenses that are likely to occur if you opt for IAS coaching in Delhi before making a move.

Listed Below Are Some Famous IAS Coaching Centers In Delhi

There are myriad of leading IAS coaching centres in Delhi, such as Rau’s IAS Study Circle, Shankar IAS Academy, Vajiram & Ravi IAS Academy, and Classic IAS Academy. Some of these coaching institutes also provide for housing facilities for the benefit of their students and cut -off extra time used for travelling.  Apart from this, coaching centres in Delhi also provide for online classes for students who cannot attend the physical coaching classes. It is ideal for working professionals who can get guidance without attending a coaching class at a specific time or place.

The above–discussed pointers will allow you to understand whether or not you should take IAS coaching in Delhi. Coaching classes are ideal for providing the required expert guidance, time- management skill, and strategic methods to help successfully ace the IAS exam. The experienced and dedicated teachers or mentors help you acquire in-depth knowledge of a variety of subjects that will help you better understand your chosen IAS subjects.

Apart from that coaching institute also help you save time to allocate study material, understand the exam pattern or syllabus, and provides you with the push in the right direction. They act as a stepping stone in your success; however, you must be ready for hard labour, long hours of study, and sharpening your abilities to become an IAS officer. Coaching centers in Delhi provides you with all the resources and expertise to aid you in successfully achieving your dream of becoming an IAS officer and serving your nation wholeheartedly.