What Are The Latest Trends In Digital Marketing?

Trends in Digital Marketing

In today’s world digital marketing is a booming industry with lots of opportunities and career growth. There are some latest emerging digital marketing trends.

As technology is changing rapidly because of which new techniques and digital trends are emerging in the Marketing Strategy. The most interesting fact is that these trends in digital marketing keep on changing from time to time. This becomes a challenge for a Digital Marketer to keep himself refreshed with the latest trends in Digital Marketing.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020.

1. Social messaging apps

Every alternate day a new social messaging app is available in our app stores.

There are millions of app available online but the most interesting and common apps are Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp Messenger, and Skype.

Social Media Marketing

Today, millions of users across the world are using these apps as it has changed the way of our communication with each other.

The additional cost of communication has slashed down to the minimum because of these free messenger apps.

According to studies, maximum businesses use these apps as a chat platform to communicate with their employees to share docs or exchange of ideas.

2. Chatbots

Many companies in this modern world have started following this latest trend in the Digital Marketing of using Chatbot.

This trend is the most effective way to keep your business online 24/7 by answering the FAQs. We should thank Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for this technology.

Today, the chatbot has become so capable that they can handle the complex request as they can conduct online conversations via text or Speech. This effective trend of digital marketing has made the business easy to approach their customers.


If you have ever worked in any customer support chat process before then you have probably experienced what chatbot is.

Recently, $20 million was invested in customer service chatbots because of AI.

3. Influencer Marketing

Several years ago influencer marketing was introduced by a few dedicated bloggers and celebrities who used to use social media platforms. At that period of time, this trend of digital marketing was not so popular.

Influencer marketing strategies are difficult to navigate than ever as a brand.

Nowadays most of the companies are turning towards the people who have built their online reputation and have thousands of followers on social media as this has become the most effective trend in Digital Marketing.

There is a high amount of trust in these influencers on social media platforms and because of which they have become the face behind the most popular brands to attract potential customers.

After enough brand partnership, some of them have turned influencer marketing as a full-time career. Due to low cost & high visibility, Influencer marketing has become one of the best trends in Digital Marketing.

3. Voice Search

Voice Search

Voice search is a speech recognition technology which allows the user to search anything on search engine by using voice command. This run is the latest trend in Digital Marketing and it is used by most people.

This technology uses keywords to fetch the details from the internet.

Let’s look at some of the recent stats which were provided by Google.

  • 41% of the adults and 55% of teens use google voice search.
  • 20% of the users search for their queries by voice search. By 2020, 20% of the searches will be done through voice. These stats show a clear picture of the voice search revolution.

5. Shoppable Post

Shoppable posts are one of the best trends in Digital Marketing, as they make a wonderful shopping experience for a customer.

This trend in Digital Marketing has become so popular that most of the E-commerce businesses, use this trend. Today most of the businesses are running online where Social media platform has played an important role in e-commerce business.

According to google 60% of the Instagram users shop online and 70% of Pinterest users have helped them to find the new products.

These platforms have changed our lifestyle and shopping experiences. From the last few years, all of these platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram have created their own shoppable posts which is one of the latest marketing trends. The customers turn to the product’s page allowing them a direct purchasing opportunity.


There are some of the latest trends in Digital Marketing which are followed by every company while it will get more advance in the coming days as new technology and strategies will get developed.

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