Why Do Mobile Applications Crash?

Mobile app crash

Mobile crash?
People hate when an application crashes, or even when they slow down or freeze for a few seconds!
Most of the users these days expect a mobile application to start within four seconds. If a mobile app crashes or has many errors, most of the users will uninstall it quickly.
In spite of being fully confirmed by mobile application developers that these apps will provide greater consistency, their apps do crash. 
So does it mean that their device crash apps?
Yes, they do! But devices are not the only ones responsible for the crash of these applications. Most of the apps crash because of issues in apps themselves. 

Reasons for mobile app crash:

*The App Demand

Imbalance in demand and supply causes an issue with apps. If an application does not have heavy traffic, it will keep crashing. Once the application is out in the market, people should keep installing it from the play store. The application built, should be in demand in the market.
Mobile application developers can make a proper code to handle this issue.

*Poor Internet Connectivity

This issue belongs to users, and if their devices drop internet connectivity or have very slow internet, there are chances that some of the applications in the devices will crash.
Some applications need very fast internet connectivity while some of the apps work offline.
But the apps which require connectivity leads to crash if the network in any area changes.


Sometimes when we use features, there are more chances that some of the bugs are left unnoticed.
These bugs within the application may lead to the application crash when we use it.
Mobile developers should test the main feature or the functionality of the application to avoid a crash in mobile applications.

*Bad Front-end

A poorly optimized front-end app can also create a mobile app crash!
If mobile application developers are not able to provide the front-end the best of the treatments, there are more chances that the end-product will crash.
Therefore, while developing the application the developer should work more on the front end part of the application which is more important.

*Too many Apps

Most people have a lot of apps on their devices. Sometimes they install the applications and forget to uninstall even if the apps are not in use.
Too many apps in a device can trouble its working and crash apps.
Therefore a device should have a limited number of apps installed in it.

*Browser Incompatibility

A successful application should be able to work on any browser which is available.
Web-based mobile application development is supposed to be very thoroughly tested across all the browsers in trend.
If the cannot work on any one of them can crash the mobile app.
When people install the application, they can have any browser on their mobile device, therefore the application should be tested on all the browsers before taking it in the market to avoid the mobile app crash.

Mobile crash reasons
App crash reasons

Conclusion :

Sometimes a mobile app crashes whenever the signal causes sudden exit. All the above mentioned are the reasons for the mobile to crash.
It depends on the developer while developing the application for user satisfaction to avoid a crash in the mobile application.

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