Why Big Data Is A Big Deal?

Big data is big deal

Big Data, as we know is one of the most promising technology to bring a revolutionary change in the world. Along with machine learning and automation, it’s leading the future of the digital world. So, the question arises, is Big Data a big deal? Yes, Big data is a big deal. From diminishing the expenses and settling on better choices, to make items that are popular by clients, organizations will progressively profit by utilizing big-data analytics.

Big Data: A revolution driving economy

Big Data is significantly impacting the global economy of the world today. As predicted, in 2021 the global big data is going to be worth $69 billion. Now data is a crucial asset for industries and businesses to make predictions and take decisions. That’s what is the magic of Big data and its analytics.

Today’s Big Data is tomorrow’s small data

Big data is in the state of evolution. It is calculated that about 2.6 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. This implies that 90% of today’s data was created in the last 2 years.
If you consider all the ‘world data’ generated till the year 2000 in total, well that is the amount of data we generate nowadays in seconds. Today we are already talking about Terabytes, Petabytes, and Ex bytes, but tomorrow we will talk about Zeta bytes, Yottabytes, and even Bronabytes.
The growth of data is exponential and that is why is it difficult to set a unit on data

Big Data: pre-requisites for analytics and machine learning

Big data, analytics, and machine learning always compliment each other. Data analytics, as the term suggests, the process of examining and sorting huge sets of data to uncover market trends, explore relevant information and predict behavior with the aid of machine learning is all possible because of Big data technology that enables to store and access enormous data. No doubt Big Data is a big deal in today.

The boom of the Cognitive approach

One of the most energizing changes for big data is the advancement of cognitive technologies. Planning, reasoning, and learning are all automated with the help of big data analytics and machine learning.

Beforehand, figuring frameworks could just catch, move, and store unstructured data – without getting it. Presently, the continuous changes in cognitive innovations imply that frameworks can, indeed, understand what the data implies.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to business research, the digital transformation and data analytics has immensely helped industries to get their answers from a huge data set in seconds. For example: To find the best customers of a company, it would take days for a team to collect the data itself, while seconds for automated software embedded with big data and data analytics.

As we know, Business is all about demand and supply, so to understand consumers in a better way and further predict their choices, Big Data has to come into the picture with advancements in deep learning and cloud services. The best example, which comes to mind, is YouTube. All the data is first collected, stored, and processed with the help of big data tools like Hadoop, spark, etc. and after going through machine learning algorithms, it displays the customized searches in a few seconds.

More Satisfied Buyers

With the appropriate recommendations, Consumers are more content and happy. Big Data has turned shopping personalized. This leads to a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers as the companies are competing hard, to come up with a more customized product to please the customer. Also, the costs are reduced and better deals are available.

Yes, We can count on Big Data

why big data is a big deal?
why big data is a big deal?

Big Data is a big deal, Indeed! According to a worldwide report by CA technologies, 83 percent of the organizations have planned and implemented a Big Data project.
It also claimed an 89 percent increment in the revenue of these companies after implementing a Big Data project.

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