Big Data Cloud Storage Providers

Big data cloud storage provider

Indeed, the terms Big data and cloud storage both, are the most widely used terms across the business and tech world. As we know big data is the petabytes, terabytes, or exabytes of data consisting of billions of records that are impossible to store and manage using traditional methods. The volume of big data is scaling exponentially. However, with the amount of data being generated every second, there is a need to discuss a way to process and analyze this scaling data. That is where clouds come in when the big data goes into the clouds. Big data Cloud storage providers are used to manage large file sharing and backups.

The best way for sorting big data nowadays is in the clouds. However, a large number of companies are now starting to look to cloud computing to get better insights that can improve their products and services. Cloud computing has become an integral part of the business and technology world nowadays.

Big Data And Cloud Computing: The Perfect Match

Big Data Cloud Service Provider
Big Data Cloud Service Provider

Cloud computing and Big data is an ideal combination as it provides solutions that are scalable and accomodating for big data and business analytics. Also, we can get enhanced business insights and make data-driven decisions, by pairing big data with clouds. Furthermore, big data when complemented with cloud platforms can bring huge opportunities that can significantly change the organization’s works. You are essentially “outsourcing” a lot of the hassle that comes along with storing and managing large amounts of data by using Big data cloud storage providers.

One of the most compelling benefits of mining big data with clouds is that it has made the analytic process less costly. Problems like storage space, power usage, and data security and privacy can be dealt with well-equipped cloud service providers

Best Big Data Cloud Storage Providers

Some of the cloud providers that provide cloud computing services that can be used for big data are:

Amazon Web Service (S3)

AWS the most popular cloud storage platform for big data operations. It is also the market leader in providing business cloud computing services and customer benefits. Amazon launched its first stage, as-an service provider, in 2006, and it has gone about as the model for essentially every other cloud storage and processing companies. One of the most high-profile IaaS service providers now is Amazon web Services with its Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Microsoft Azure for big data

Microsoft launched its big data cloud service providers in 2010. It offers a full suite of tools and services, designed to allow organizations that work with large sets of data. It has built on its Azure cloud framework by adding functionally with open source technology such as spark and storm. Azure is built on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). It offers 100 percent compatibility with Apache Hadoop, HDInsight supports connection with Microsoft Excel and other business intelligence (BI) tools.

Google big data services

Google Cloud Storage is a public cloud storage platform that can store large unstructured data sets. It also offers a number of cloud services targeted for big data. Google Compute Engine is a cloud-based computing machine that offers a secure, flexible computing environment from energy-efficient data centers. Google also offers workload management solutions from several technology partners who have optimized their products for Google Compute Engine. It is one of the most popular big data cloud storage providers.

IBM Clouds

IBM offers a number of different data lake solutions all centralized around its IBM Cloud (formerly Bluemix) platform. With IBM’s platform, users choose between data structures they are working with. Also, IBM Cloud Services brings together new capabilities to help you modernize, manage, and process your mission-critical applications and infrastructure. Additionally, it is one of the most widely know Big data cloud storage providers.


Alibaba Cloud platform as the leading Big Data cloud storage provider in China. However, it has a huge userbase in Asia and provides the same range of analytics, security, and AI tools as the other US-based platforms. It provides cloud computing services to online businesses and Alibaba’s own e-commerce ecosystem. Additionally, Alibaba big data Cloud storage providers enable cloud computing platforms like IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, and SaaS, that gives services such as e-commerce, big data,

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