Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Are you confused as to what type of Marketing you should be using for your Brand?
Want to know the difference between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing?

Well, while forming a Marketing Budget, one has to form a plan & decide which Marketing methods to use.

Marketing can be classified into two types, Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing. It can also be called as Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing.

Besides, along with the budget, it is really important to go in the right direction as far as Marketing is concerned.
Below are a few parameters which will help a brand to take a decision on whether one should opt for Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing:-

  1. Budget
  2. Target Audience
  3. Reach
  4. Urgency
  5. Type of Product
  6. Long Term
  7. Flexibility

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is a conventional type of Marketing.
Hence, Traditional marketing is also known as offline Marketing.

Here are a few types of Traditional Marketing

1.Print (Newspapers, Magazines, etc.)
2.Broadcasting (Radio, Television, etc.)
3.Mails(Sending letters, samples, etc.)
4.Telephone (Telecalling, SMS Marketing)
5. Outdoors (Hoardings, Fliers, Pamphlets)

People & Brands have been using Tradition Marketing for many years to reach out to their target customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is also known as Online or Internet Marketing.
Besides, With the advancement of technology, Digital Marketing is fast taking pace & widely used by brands for their Marketing needs.

Here are a few types of Digital Marketing:-

1.Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
2.Social Media Marketing(SMM)
3.Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
4.Affiliate Marketing
5.Influencer Marketing
6.Email Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing


Traditional marketing requires a huge cost. This cost is recurring in nature.
A Hoarding ad or an ad in a newspaper might be effective only if it is recurring & seen regularly by the audience.

While Digital Marketing is much cheaper as compared to Traditional Marketing. Here you create an ad or content & can reach a larger audience in a cheaper Budget.


Want to target customers on the basis of their age group/gender?
Well, Traditional Marketing won’t help here. Traditional Marketing doesn’t really provide much customization options.

But, While using Digital Marketing you have full freedom to Target only your preferred set of customers on the basis of their Age, Gender, preference, etc.

3. Long Term

The impact of Traditional Marketing is very short term. Like a newspaper ad given today, won’t create an impact after a few days. For it to create an impact, an ad should be given regularly in the newspaper.

As far as Digital Marketing is concerned, it is quite a long term in nature. Once a website is built, it will keep showing the data to the people looking for related products on the search engine.


This is the biggest drawback of Traditional Marketing. It is a one-way road, where there is no communication between the customers & the Brand during the Marketing campaign. Hence, here the conversion rate is low.

Meanwhile, in Digital Marketing, an audience can easily communicate with the Brands. They can do this using their chat feature or through Email, thus, resulting in much more conversion.


Keeping in mind the speed of the modern world, it is good to divert the majority of the resources towards Digital Marketing.
Besides, Traditional Marketing is slowing dying & is replaced by Digital Marketing. Taking into consideration the benefits of Digital Marketing, it should be the choice of the majority of Marketers.

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