Know Everything About IIT Patna Workshops: Courses, Eligibility, Schedule And More

IIT Patna

About IIT Patna

Established as an institute of national importance on 6th August 2008, IIT Patna offers the highest quality education and a leaner-centric campus atmosphere to cultivate the qualities of a well-rounded professional in students.

IIT Patna, an autonomous institute of education and research in engineering, technology and science, is one of the eight latest IITs set up by MHRD. Known as one of the most coveted institutions for technical education, IITP is a part of National Knowledge Network (NKN), which aims to provide a unified knowledge network for all the educational institutes in India. IITP is the first IIT to introduce an M. Tech. course in the aforementioned Nanotechnology. 

Started its operation from a transit campus in Pataliputra colony, IIT Patna shifted to its sprawling 501-acre campus located at Amhara, Bihta in 2015.

With over 1000 students in all disciplines, 70 non-teaching staff and more than 100 faculties carrying years of experience in the teaching field, IITP not only provide the best training to the budding engineers but also encourage them to think beyond the convention.

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IIT Patna: Learning beyond the classroom

Organizing regular workshops, debates, symposiums and conferences IITP makes learning intuitive and interactive for all. Providing students with short-term courses, seminars etc IIT Patna not only enables students to hone their technical knowledge but also encourages them to learn things beyond their syllabus.

Apart from regular UG, PG and Research programmes, IITP also offers some amazing short-term courses for students enabling them to upgrade their knowledge beyond the regular curriculum.  IITP offers some outstanding short-term CEP courses for students covering wide areas of cutting-edge technology, research, management and science. Even it has some specialized CEP courses designed for corporate professionals to help them enhance their skills and make them globally competitive.

IITP organizes workshops on a wide variety of topics like Earthquake Resistant Design, Advanced Physics etc.

IITP has a Students’ Governing Council, namely Gymkhana, which takes care of all the student-related issues at the campus. From promoting extracurricular activities in students, working as a liaison between management and students to organizing various events, gymkhana is responsible for a lot of things at IITP. One of the best techno-management fests in the country ‘Celesta’ is also organized at the IIT Patna campus.

IITP gymkhana has many clubs dedicated to the interests of the students to promote extra-curricular activities. Some of the on-campus interest groups or clubs include Cultural Club, Literary Club, and Sports Club etc.

 Be it encouraging students to invent something new or honing their creativity, IITP always strives to bring out the best from their students while nurturing their personal interest and passion.

IIT Patna

Schedule for Workshops at IIT Patna

Organizing seminars, workshops, events regularly, IITP enables students to learn something new every day.  Encouraging the young engineers to think beyond the convention, IIT Patna provides students with platforms to exhibit their talent.

To check out the complete schedule of IIT Patna workshops, please go through the upcoming event page on the official website.

Have a look at two of the most popular extra-curricular events held on the campus:


Organized every year, Celesta is the three-day long annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Patna. Providing a platform to transform the revolutionary ideas of students into reality, IITP conducts Celesta with outstanding events from fields like robotics, management, entrepreneurship, hacking, quizzing, debate and many more.

Besides active participation from the students, several technical and entrepreneurship clubs also come forward to make this technical extravaganza a success.

Organized to promote managerial and technical interest among young minds, Celesta attracts over 500 students from different regional and premium institutions across the country in its various competitions. 

Besides competitions and exhibitions, IITP organizes several discussions, guest talks, and workshops with ace industry leaders, faculty and technical gurus of recent times.  While the option for online registering for the competitions and events is available, participants have to present at IITP campus for the Celesta main events.

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WAC Workshops

With an aim to help students to get into their dream jobs, the flagship event of Vidyavilla Foundation, What after College (WAC) 2018 is organized at IIT Patna. Bringing veteran industry leaders, great academicians, education experts together, this one-of-a-kind career guidance workshop helps students to select the most relevant career path as per their internet after college. A slew of WAC 2018 workshops is organized at IIT Patna in association with Students gymkhana.

Who can attend Workshops at IIT Patna?

From students, faculty members to working professionals, IITP organizes a wide array of workshops and seminars for almost everyone.  There are several CEP courses and WAC workshops, which are open for all the young engineers across all the institutions. Even a few of the CEP courses are also designed for the working technical professionals to enhance their knowledge and overall competency. The short-term course on, “Component and Applications of IOT(CAIOT)” is open for both the faculty members working in Engineering colleges, professionals and students. The institution also has some certification courses and workshops, which are only accessible for IITP students. Before enrolling in any such programme, always check your eligibility on the registration page of the specific course.

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Why Attend Workshops at IIT Patna?

As one of the most coveted technical institutions in the country, IIT Patna attracts some of the greatest minds of recent times to address the seminars and events held at the campus. The industry veterans and experts, who have already carved a niche in their respective fields, give students a deep insight into the latest market trends and upcoming changes it’s going to witness.  These eminent people help you to drive your career in the right direction. 

Apart from giving you a great platform to hone your competencies, IIT Patna workshops allow you to build your networks, which are pivotal for a bright career in future.

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How to reach IIT Patna?

IIT Patna is located at Bihta, 35 km from Patna. The nearest railway station from IIT Patna is Bihta, located 3 km from the main campus. There are several trains serving between Delhi-Kolkata main line that stops at Bihta. From Bihta station, you can easily take an auto to get to the IITP campus.

Regular government and private buses serve between Patna, Ara and IITP campus. From Gandhi Maidan, Patna you will get direct Government BSRTC buses to IITP campus.

 Located 33 kilometres from IITP campus, the nearest airport from the institution is Jai Prakash Narayan Domestic Airport. You can get private taxis from the airport to get to the main campus of IIT Patna.

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Accommodation at Patna

IIT Patna has well-equipped guests houses to offer accommodation to guests visiting IITP for meetings, seminars or any official work. While for some IITP organized workshops, accommodations are provided on the campus guesthouses, for other events students are asked to arrange their stay outside the campus. You can find several lodges and hotels around Bihta station catering to all budgets.


  • Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Institute Works Department, Admin Block, 3rd floor, Bihta Campus, Amhara Road, Bihta, District – Patna, Bihar, India, Pin – 801103
  • E-mail: iwd[at]

Upcoming Workshops at IIT Patna

For more details on upcoming events, conferences and workshops slated to be conducted at IIT Patna, please check this page In order to get detailed information on course fee, registration process, eligibility etc, check out the individual page of specific courses and workshops you are looking for. check out upcoming workshops at IIT Patna.