5 Apps every Student must have to make their lives easier!

Being a student is hectic. It’s not at all easy, quite contradictory to the popular opinion. People may think students have it easy but we know the truth!

From assignments to class tests, from parties to fests, students often find their hands quite full. But worry not now, because here are 5 apps to make your life a bit easier!

1. ShareIt


It may seem absurd but Shareit is a must have app for all students. Be it photographs from the latest party you attended or your friend’s notes or assignments, how do you get them in minimum time when no internet is available? The answer is one and only Shareit!

2. Dropbox


We understand the storage of your phone is limited but what shall you delete to accommodate the new 25 MB PDF your professor sent you? Nothing, if you use Dropbox. The app is revolutionary and its cloud storage facility will help you have everything in your phone without really compromising your phone’s storage.

3. Slideshare


On Slideshare you don’t create presentations, but you can access them. It is a very convenient app from where students can get last minute information for their assignments or presentations and since they are slideshows, they are not boring to look at either!

4. Studious


If you tend to forget your assignment due dates and the dates for your test, then this app is definitely for you. It will remind you of everything and will even put your phone on silent when you enter the class! What’s better than an app to remind you of everything?

5. Dictionary.com


Being a student, it is necessary to know all the right words and phrases. This app will help you find meanings to all the words you are too embarrassed to ask others. Also, it is a crucial tool which will help your assignments looks more professional.