Is money challenging your studying abroad dreams? Choose Studying in Canada (Part 2)

Studying abroad gives a good learning experience, not even in the subject but also for the daily routine activities inside and outside the class room. Studying abroad helps to understand how people of another culture view the world.Go on and read the full article about studying in Canada .

Studying in Canada


Studying in Canada


Firstly decide have to decide where to stay either in university managed accommodation or outside, where ever we stay ensure the contractual rights and responsibilities are clearly understood. Canada is one of the safest countries, with one of the highest standards of living in the world where people are judged through their behaviour not by the appearance or by the country of origin.

First day in abroad university, is always a nervous day for every students and be patient and trust that things will definitely improve. Most of the universities are organizing orientation classes and all students have to attend the session and know the international student support staff. During these classes students understands the important rules for maintaining Visa status, syllabus, rules and regulations of university.


Unlike other countries, in Canada first names are more commonly used and we should use Mr (for men) and Ms (for women). Person’s last names are used while communicating with persons in positions of    authority, professors unless if they are not preferring to use their first name. North Americans are punctual and if any invitation, ensure that we are attending on time. If not able to attend, we have to inform the host accordingly.

Canadians are open-minded and proud in their culture; hence ensure that we are respectful in behaviour and conversation. They believe in equality between genders, hence show respect while interacting with opposite sexes. Avoid personal questions like age, salary, relationships, marital status, and cost of acquired personal items.


Canadians prefer to use lots of abbreviations in their conversation and if any abbreviation is not understood, please free to ask the meaning. The local ascent is different from regional; hence give time to adapt. Participation in the activities inside and outside the class rooms is very important as this gives the opportunities to improvise the English skills in various scenarios. Also ensure to make friends from the first year in universities

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