Want to crack an interview? Read this!

These are some of the most basic rules you need to follow and before you know it, you would have cracked the interview. Patience and presence of mind is all you need along with these simple steps and you will get the job of your dreams without having to fight too hard.
  If interviews give you jitters, you are not alone. There are many out there who find it extremely hard to present themselves at interviews. So all those confident faces you see at interviews are people who are as scared as hell inside. What makes some people stand out in interviews and leaves out the rest? What makes a few candidates better than the rest? Is there a secret ingredient to cracking the code at interviews? Yes. But not one. There are many. Here are some tips you need to learn to get yourself the job of your dreams. Prepare well This may sound like Grandma’s advice, but haven’t they really given us some of the most important tips of life? If you are not prepared you will obviously not get through even if you are a genius. Whether you are going for a specific interview or a role discussion, make sure you brush up your skills before you present yourself there. Never go to an interview without reading up on a few important things. Be confident. Not overconfident There’s nothing quite like a confident candidate. And then there’s nothing as bad as overconfidence. Just remember that the recruiters can see right through that arrogance and definitely do not appreciate it. They will ensure that you are told your worth if you play smart with them. Do not dress up casually This is something you have to learn. Unless and until you are going for something too creative, like an advertising agency or something in creative media, you are required to look a little formal. Make sure you do not end up in something too casual for a job that requires you placed at a senior position. A casual dressing sense is usually taken as causal attitude by firms which is why it’s important to follow a way protocol while dressing up too.

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