How to ensure you get paid for your worth?

Use these points to assess your worth. So the next time you appear for an interview, you know what you are asking for and are sure you are totally worth it. Remember you should never feel guilty for asking for what you’re worth (only if you know it). Go on and read our article about how to get ensure that you get paid for your worth .

Get paid for your worth

get paid for your worth
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Money is a tricky deal. Especially when you are asked your worth and you are stuck between quoting the right price for your professional expertise and sound rational at the same time. So how do you plan it? And firstly, how do you really know what you are worth in terms of experience and job profile too. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Think big

This is something most of us unwittingly do. We limit our worth by lowering our expectations. More so in the case of women. You have to think in terms of what you can do and the kind of value you are bringing to the table. Is it worth the money you are quoting?

Do Your Homework well

The worst way of negotiating mistakes people usually make is giving out a number out just like that and it’s way too low. You have to do your homework well and find out your market value by researching the rates that are going on right now.

Take the Initiative

You must present tangible evidence of your value to the company. For instance, if you saved your company some dollars or have a rough estimate of how much you contributed to sales, you have a way with the hiring fraternity. So this means, every time you   accept more responsibility in your job or successfully complete a challenge you must keep it in your records.

Get recommendations

They are always a reminder of self worth. Be it your ex boss or your team lead, you must ensure that they have documented your efforts somewhere. You should have that written pretty well. This helps you remind yourself of the accomplishments and achievements that make you stand out. These are things that help you get an edge forward and help you build confidence.

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