How to answer tricky questions in a job interview

The success in job interviews is no rocket science, nor is the formula written in stone.So want to know how to answer tricky questions in a job interview, the best way to go about it is answer in the most honest and simple way possible. It’s time to clear those interviews without a hitch.
job interview'tricky' So you have a kickass interview coming up but having not performed great at the last few, you don’t know what to do. The way out is pretty simple. To appear shocked or deliver your answer with confidence is not a choice anyone can make sitting at home honestly. Here are some questions, answers to which are your holy grail to cracking the job interview. If your boss-to-be has a short-tempered and is impatient, are you working with someone like that? Instead of acting like you are too cool with it, a better approach is to be honest. Give them the answer you strongly feel, for instance, you can tell them that you have it in you to effectively work under each and every person, but don’t sound unrealistic. Tell them you would get upset if you will be yelled at but those experiences will not bring down your performance. Tell us about your weaknesses? Now this is always a tricky question for people. So things like over-enthusiasm and those sugar coated things won’t help here. We all have weaknesses and it’s good advice to mention them when asked. For instance, while you can talk about your short temper or abrasiveness and balance it with something like it’s only occasional.   You are replacing a person, are you ok with learning their role from them directly? This is not that easy for people always. But the best thing is to learn as much as you can. If the one preceeding you does not cooperate, ask for help. This is where you need intervention and support.   Are you ok with changes in profile? This response really depends on your future plans. If you’re interested in that particular job, then you would not want to work in a completely different field. If you don’t know the kind of area you will be interested in, just be subtle about your preferences.  

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