Python Applications

Python Applications

Python is the most popular programming language among programmers in the programming and developing world. It is one of the most in-demand and sought after language by companies looking for developers. Hence, it is used in developing and designing various software and systems.

So, let’s look at some of the applications of Python.

Web Development

Python can be used for web development due to its vast library and frameworks. Frameworks like Flask, Django, and Pyramid are based on Python. These frameworks contain libraries and modules that can be used to develop backends of websites.

Also, Python supports XML, JSON, HTML, Email-processing, etc. that are required in developing a webpage. Moreover, it is object-oriented that extends its usability in web development.

Software Development

Another one of the prominent applications of Python is software development. As, it is easy to learn, easy to code, simple syntaxes, and readable it is one of the most sought after language to code in. Moreover, because of its vast library and packages, it can practically develop any kind of software. It is compatible with other programming languages that extend its usability and versatility.

Python can also be used in testing, debugging, build control and management. So, it provides overall support to a developer to build software from scratch.

Desktop GUIs

Python is a cross-platform language and can be used to design desktop-based applications for various platforms. It has a large library, simple syntax, modular architecture, rich-text processing tools, and other features that make it a strong choice to develop apps.

Python has an awesome GUI collection like wxPython, PyQt, and PyGtk that can be used to design high-end and interactive Graphical User Interface(GUI). It can be used to develop a wide range of applications like games, graphic design software, audio and video players, scientific and computational applications, etc.

Business Applications

Business apps include a lot of applications like e-commerce, ERP( Enterprise Resource Planning), etc. Due to the flexibility, extensibility, a great library, scalability, etc., Python becomes a great choice to meet the requirements of developing these sorts of apps. Oddo, Tryton, Reddit, etc. are based on Python.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Python is the number one choice when it comes to data science and machine learning. Due to its extended mathematical, statical, and scientific functions, it becomes a go-to programming language for Data Scientists and Data Analysts. It includes collections like SciPY, Panda, IPython, etc. that makes analytics fast and efficient.

Programmers can use modules like Tensorflow, Theano, Scikit-learn, etc. to develop algorithms of Machine Learning easily. These modules make coding the algorithms and developing ML and AI systems easy and efficient.

Operating Systems

Python has another amazing application that again extends its versatility, it can help in developing Operating systems. Obviously entire OS can’t be written in it but can assist in developing one. Like it is an important part of Linux OS and Ubuntu.

Also, using Python architecture and syntaxes new languages can be created. Many programming languages like Swift, CoffeeScript, Cobra, etc. are similar to Python.

Python Applications

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