Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform mobile app development!

Pros And Cons Of Cross Platforms

Mobile applications play a very important role in our day to day life.
What does this cross-platform app development mean?
What are the Pros and Cons of Cross-platform?
When a developer starts to developing an application, the first important thing is deciding which platform to be used for the mobile app. Android or iOS? Or is it both?
This is no more a problem for the app developers! With the cross-platform mobile app development tools, mobile app developers do not have to make this pick. There are many pros and cons of Cross-Platform.
In other words, they can create one app that will work in the best way across both platforms.
While this cross-platform mobile app development gives a better cure to the mobile app development platform, it also has its share of cons.
In other words, there are a lot of Pros and cons of Cross-Platform.

Pros of Cross-Platform

*Reusable Code

Cross-platform mobile apps are faster to develop as compared to the native apps. Because cross-platform mobile app development uses only one code base for all the platforms of choice.
Since the developers do not spend time creating a new code for each of the platforms, all they need to do is develop one program.
They can also use the same code for all mobile platforms which makes the work finish very fast.
Managing updates and different changes to these cross-platform apps are also very simple!
Because any iteration of the app can be synced across devices and platforms which gives very smooth and best operations at all times.


Since these cross-platform mobile apps use one only codebase everywhere, it becomes less costly to build any of these apps. However, as the number of different features increases, the cost of the app increases as well.
With cross-platform apps you pay for an app that can be supported easily by all platforms saving time and also money.

*Best Market Reach

By using the cross-platform mobile app development developers could surely increase their market reach as they do not have to choose one platform over the other.
These apps will run equally well on all the mobile devices across these platforms.

Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform

Cons of Cross-platform

*Limited Features

Some of the developers can sometimes find it very difficult to build some specific and unique features. Cross-platform apps often do not provide any of the graphic support to create visually attractive app designs. The cross-platform might not be able to support all the features to support the app framework. 

*UX challenge

Achieving the best user experience can be a big challenge with cross-platform app development because of the displays and different functions of the platforms.
Since each of the platforms has its own features and different styles, creating an application that provides a superior user experience across all the platforms can be a very big challenge since the developers will not be able to know and understand the unique abilities of an individual platform.

*There are a lot of Pros and cons of Cross-Platform.
Even after these all these cons and the challenges, cross-platform app development is getting widely adopted. This is because of its faster time to market, ease of marketing.
However, using the correct cross-platform app development tool that has different components allows creating content that is rich in media etc. makes the development process very easy.
The developer has to check all the pros and cons of Cross-Platform.
It also ensures uniformity and helps in overcoming challenges!

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