Mobile App Architecture

mobile app architecture

Mobile has made connectivity between people fast and easy. Similarly, mobile apps have made connectivity between companies and users efficient and easy. So, every company wants to build the most optimized app to provide better services. To build good quality apps it is important to frame mobile app architecture.

Mobile app architecture is basically a blueprint consisting of techniques and patterns on which an app has to be built. The techniques and patterns are designed in accordance with the demand of the creator and demand of the users.

Well-planned mobile app architecture is essential to increase the user-base, business, and usability of an app. So, it is important to design an app architecture carefully.

Mobile app architecture basically consists of three layers. The demands of the three layers should be full-filled while designing the architecture. These layers are Presentation, Business, and Data layer.

Presentation Layer

This layer deals with the User Interface. This layer is important because it deals with the things how the app will be presented in front of the users and how it will interact.

Designing a good quality UI is necessary as it will attract more users and will make them engaged with the app. The features to be added, the type of theme, graphics, font size, etc. are decided in this layer. So, the main aim is to build a user-friendly and attractive UI.

Business Layer

This layer of the mobile app architecture deals with the business front of the app. It basically deals with how the business front is to be presented in front of the users. The business layer consists of business components, entities, workflows, etc. Therefore, its main aim is to increase the business of the concept on which the app is built on.

Data Layer

An app greatly revolves around the data it generates and stores. So, all the work relating to data is covered in this layer. The data layer includes data utilities, data access components, and service agents. The main aim is to provide simplified access to data and proper storage of data.

There are few points which should be kept in mind before designing a mobile app architecture. Let’s look at these points.

Determining the type of device

Determining the type of devices on which your app will run is important. This covers screen resolution, screen size, CPU processors, memory, storage space, etc. An app can be of maximum use if it can run on all sorts of devices.

Designing interface

The interface is an important part as it is one of the main things that a user will consider if he/she wants to use an app or not. So, designing a simple, easy to use, with all the options at proper locations and interactive can help in keeping users engaged with the app.

Considering Bandwidth

An app should be able to run on all sorts of networks and connectivity. To identify the type of internet connectivity in the area where the target audience is is important as low internet speed can leave a bad user experience.

The app should be made as lightweight as possible so that it works even in very low internet connectivity. Also, the app should run even if there is no internet connectivity.

Navigation Methods

Providing proper navigation and toggling buttons and options is important to give a good user experience. There are various navigation methods to choose from like Single view, scroll views, gesture-based, etc. So, identify which method suits best to the app and its target audience.

Mobile App Architecture

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