Why is iOS more secure than Android?

why ios is more secure than android

You might have wondered why iPhones are so overpriced and expensive when you can get an android phone with the same features at a price of less than half of the prices of an iPhone. Well, the camera, the longevity, and status symbol of an iPhone are considered far more superior than android phones but one more thing that sets apart iPhones from android is the secure operating system that it offers with the famous iOS.

So, let’s see why iOS is considered more secure than android.

iOS is a closed-source OS

iOS restricts a user to download applications, even music, and videos from unknown sources. Applications can be only downloaded from the App Store which contains those apps only which are approved by Apple. Therefore any third-party and harmful apps cannot be downloaded on your phone. Whereas Android is an open-source OS where you can download an app from an unknown source. Google is also less restrictive with the apps present on the play store. Therefore, these reasons make iOS more secure than Android.

Less Flexible

iOS is less flexible than android which means that Apple doesn’t allow it’s users to modify their iOS. This gives Apple complete control over your operating system, thus making iOS more secure. Whereas in Android, users can modify their source code to change the behavior of their mobile. This makes the operating system unstable and more vulnerable to virus attacks.

External Storage

iOS doesn’t support custom ROMs to be loaded on the mobile. This means memory cards, USB’s, etc. can’t be used with iPhones. This makes the system more secure as any external threat is avoided that might come with the storage. Whereas, android supports external storage devices and the use of virus-containing devices might affect the security of the system.

iOS prefers Default Apps

iOS comes loaded with its default apps like Safari, messenger Mail, etc. and doesn’t let you choose your default apps. This can be annoying a bit if you prefer other apps but make the iOS more secure because of the reliability of these default iOS apps.

Less tempting target

iPhones are a less tempting target for hackers than Android because of it’s less user base than Android user base. Therefore, hackers will be tempted more to hack android because they can affect a larger user base and also it’s a bit easy to hack Android devices than iPhones.

iOS is only used by Apple

iOS is used by-products of only one company that is Apple. Therefore, they are fully in control over their system and devices. Whereas, Android is used by a lot of mobile companies, like Samsung, Nokia, Asus, etc. and each company has its different level of security standards. Therefore, iOS is more secure in the way that it is handled by only one company and is not fragmented.

Why is iOS more secure than Android?

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