Big Data And Cloud Computing

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Big Data and Cloud Computing are the two fundamental technologies to enter mainstream information technology. Even though these two are not the same, Big Data is the content and Cloud Computing is the infrastructure; and the combination of these two can lead to amazing results.
Because of the importance and valuation of such large data sets, it is very important to keep it in an efficient and secure environment, that is, the Cloud. As the adoption of the Cloud spreads far and wide, various industries are embracing Big Data too. The important drivers for the expansion of Big Data are the increase in the expansion of IoT and the expansion of global infrastructure in the service market. Today, companies can process Big Data quite comfortably from computer and laptop systems.

Big Data and Cloud Computing Defined

To gain a basic understanding of why these two technologies are bundled together, we must know what they are:

The most simple definition of Big Data is that it is a large volume of data; you can imagine more data than the standard terabytes or petabytes. In other words, it can be very extensive and can be available from various channels in various different formats such as, structured or unstructured. It cannot be processed with traditional analytical tools; we need special technologies to process Big Data.
Cloud Computing means storing and accessing files, data, and other programs from the internet instead of the local storage of your computer’s hard drive. Through the visualization of the hardware, it provides an option to store a significant amount of data; with the help of fault tolerance, scalability, and availability. It allows Big Data to be readily accessible.

Advantages of Big Data and Cloud Computing

These two are an ideal combination as they provide a solution which is both accommodating and scalable for Big Data and business analytics. Every aspect of life can benefit from the readily accessible information resources. We’ll look at some of these advantages in detail:

  • Agility – Setting up an infrastructure for the storage of data and its management is expensive and time-consuming. Using Cloud Computing, it is possible to provide the infrastructure and all the required resources almost instantaneously. A good cloud provider company makes sure that their system is always online without any hitches.
  • Elasticity – Cloud Computing can expand to provide storage for the ever-increasing data. Once a company gets the required insight from the data, it can increase or reduce the storage space accordingly.
  • Data Processing – A large amount of data leads to the problem of processing it with efficiency. For instance, Social Media generated a lot of unstructured data in various forms. Cloud computing makes the process easy by making it easier and accessible to all organizations.
  • Cost-cutting – It provides a great solution for companies that need good technology at a budget. Maintaining a Big Data platform can be expensive. However, companies now have the option to avoid investing in setting up everything from scratch. With Cloud Computing, some of the responsibility shifts to the cloud providers; and the company only has to pay for the storage space and power consumption.
  • Reduction in complexity – A Big Data solution requires various components and integrations. However, Cloud Computing provides the option to automate these processes which in turn reduces the complexity and enhances productivity.


Cloud Computing provides companies with a cost-effective and flexible way to access their Big Data. It is now much easier to start an IT company than it was before. However, it is important to bring to notice that cloud-based Big Data analytics depends on many factors. For instance, a reliable cloud provider with expertise, and who offers robust services is really important.

Big data and Cloud Computing

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