Why go for a residential MBA program

residential MBA

MBA is a degree which almost everyone today wants to pursue to further their career. You can specialise in N number of fields. But are you confused about whether to pursue a residential MBA course or non-residential? There are a few advantage residential program has.

Why go for a residential MBA program

There are a number of MBA colleges that offer residential option to students. You can spend two years in the campus and gain a lifetime experience. While you may think that a residential course is just extra expenditure, it has its benefits as well.


  1. Life lesson and experience: What you can learn by spending time in the campus, living with fellow students, you cannot learn anywhere else. When you take up a residential course, it is your first step towards becoming independent. You learn to handle your life yourself. Besides, MBA involves workshops, discussions, debates and other such activities. The interaction at various levels helps you in various things.
  2. Diverse cultures: MBA has students from various cultures and backgrounds residing in the campus. You can learn a lot from the innovative and different ideas they bring to the classroom. A regular, social interaction with other students increases your area of knowledge.
  3. Networking: To be connected with the right people will help you go a long way in future. Spending time with classmates and teachers outside the classes in an informal manner will lead to connections which can prove to be crucial in your career choices.
  4. Saves time: If you are staying in the campus, you will face no worries about travelling to and fro. You can simply concentrate on your studies without wasting any time on travelling. Besides, your entire energy and attention will be on your course.


Being a residential student has its pros and cons. Just decide what is best for you and go for it.

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