How to prepare for CAT without coaching ?

If you aspire to pursue MBA or a similar course you need to appear for CAT in India. But not all coaching classes provide the best training for CAT. Some harp on the idea of big bills and less knowledge that can destroy your career. So read on how you can prepare yourself for CAT without coaching.

CAT without coaching

The corporate world has attracted many. The glamour, the money and the success is quite alluring for the newer generation. This attraction towards being a black tie individual has opened avenues to pursue courses with business specific specialization like MBA. In India, CAT i.e. Common Entrance Test is a mandate for any applicant of MBA or a similar category course. CAT exams have a special syllabus. The students need specialized training and attention in completing the course effectively. Also references from past papers helps a lot just like any other examination. But with the ever populating culture of coaching classes the authenticity of teaching practices at these classes is mostly compromised. They create the same environment as that of a college without adding any value to the student. Therefore it is important to take this business in your hands and learn for yourself and your future. Here’s how you can quickly and easily do so;

Prepare a calendar to complete the entire syllabus at least a month in advance. Follow the calendar in a descending manner to keep the first exam the freshest in your mind. Motivate yourself to stay on track.

Online classes:
There are millions of free online classes to learn CAT. The best part is these subjects are taught by international professors that share a broader point of view on subjects allowing you to achieve higher score and intelligence.

Mock tests:
Again, mock tests can be taken online. Google the platforms and conduct self-analysis tests on each subject to evaluate your performance with respect to the subject matter expertise, time of completion and quality of write up.

Following these simple steps will help you build a testimonial for the world that achievement can also be gained without any help or support by these commercial coaching classes.

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