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Confused between pursuing Information Technology and Masters in Business Administration? Want the best of both the worlds. Well, now you can pursue both by applying for MBA in IT. This certification makes you a genius in not only handling the business but also the tech department.


The newer generation has an everlasting desire to want more. They want extra discounts, extra toppings, extra money and now extra learning. The process of learning is forever, one cannot cease the process at any stage in life. Therefore, for the ones who share this desire to gain the knowledge of many subjects at once and not feel restricted under the pressure and circulars made by the government, the education ministries across the world have combined multiple courses to help an individual student pursue more than one subject at a time. These combinations have been strategically planned to help keep the primary field of education intact while subtly instilling a specialization course. Some popular combination courses are MBA with Marketing, IT, HR, Brand Management etc.


Today, we shall discuss the how one can apply for MBA in Information Technology;

To pursue MBA in IT you need to be at least a graduate. Also you need to give an entrance test, usually CAT to apply for a college that teaches your desired course.

It is important to know what the course behold and if it consists of the elements you have been looking for in a specialization. MBA in IT consists of the following:
IT Management
Digital Infrastructure
Mobile Computing
Internet Marketing
Software Project Management
…and many more.

The idea of pursuing MBA from a highly reputed institute is the placements that one can leverage on. Some companies offer placements in Fortune 500 companies which ultimately results in a better profile, stronger learning experience and a fat salary. Specialization in any subjects not only helps the students but also the organization to identify talent and pursue him or her from the institute. Some companies that rely on MBA placements especially in the field of IT are Infosys, IBM Global Services and HCL Technologies.

So think not twice and begin the process of applying for MBA with specialization in IT this year.

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