Important Tips To Score Well in CAT

Score Well in CAT

Being an extremely competitive exam, the CAT requires the candidates to be thoroughly prepared and confident to ace it. The exam is conducted by the IIMs and is a prerequisite for MBA admissions in the IIMs and several other prestigious B-Schools in the country.

Here some important tips are given to help the MBA aspirants prepare more effectively for the IIMCAT exam and score well to move a step ahead towards their goal. These tips are generalized and would help the aspirants from all educational backgrounds to improve their preparation efficiency.

Score Well in CAT

·       Get Properly Acquainted with the Syllabus Topics

The candidates are suggested to get acquainted with the syllabus topics and prepare all the topics with equal importance. As the CAT does not have a predefined syllabus, the candidates can check various sources where experts have listed the important topics according to the previous year CAT question papers.


·       Practice Different Question Variations

The CAT exam tests the candidates’ intellect in different sections by including different variations of questions. So, the aspirants are suggested to practice all the syllabus topics thoroughly along with different variations of questions from the respective topics. By practicing various question types, the candidates can build up their confidence and tackle the CAT questions with ease.


·       Take Several Sectional and Overall Mock Tests

The CAT Mock tests not only help to get acquainted with the actual CAT paper but also help in self-analysis of strong and weak topics. By evaluating the mock tests properly, candidates can know their current preparation level and strategize their further preparation accordingly. By taking several mock tests, the confidence to tackle questions and manage time efficiently improves and the chance of scoring more increases.


·       Prepare all the Sections Equally

The CAT score is calculated as an aggregate of the three sections. Also, each of the IIMs put forth their own sectional cut-offs that the candidates need to clear to get a call from the respective IIMs. So, it is suggested to be thorough with all the topics from the different sections and practice them properly.

It is suggested to strategize a proper preparation plan accordingly to get thorough with all the exam topics. For example, one must read quality newspapers and magazines to improve their reading and comprehending skills. A good reading habit always helps to attempt the reading comprehension for CAT questions more effectively.


Score Well in CAT·       Develop Time Management Strategies

Time management is one of the most crucial skills required to ace the CAT exam. The candidates are required to strategize the time given to each question to be able to answer more number of questions in the exam. Also, it is suggested to attend the easy questions first and then the difficult ones to avoid wasting some crucial time in certain time-taking and difficult questions.


·       Be Accurate and Avoid Incorrect Attempts

It should be realized that the CAT exam is all about the percentile. So, being accurate than the other candidates is more important than attempting more number of questions inaccurately. As the CAT paper has negative marking, it is suggested to avoid guessing in the paper. By being inaccurate, the chances of reducing the overall CAT percentile increases significantly.


With these aforementioned tips, the MBA aspirants can easily score well in the CAT exam and get admission in their preferred institute. Candidates can subscribe to Byju’s YouTube channel and learn various important CAT exam topics from several engaging and interactive video lessons.