Choosing Civil Services as a career in India

A country’s future rests in the hands of its youth. They hold the promise of a better tomorrow, and what better an opportunity than to serve the nation? Today, a majority of the country’s young covet one of the most prestigious services in India – Union Public Service Commission Examination (UPSC).


Not only is the Indian Civil Services one of the most prestigious fields, but is also amongst the most rigorous exams to crack. Despite that, it is the dream job for aspiring youngsters who long to make a positive change in the canvas of the Indian society. It is a field where one holds a lot of influence – where one can create influence change even with the smallest of actions and become an inspiration for the multitude. Knowing that you can be the reason behind the happiness and prosperity of many – that is one of the primary reasons that drive the Indian youth to apply for the Civil Services.

The Examinations:


Behind all the pomp and glory that we attach to the Civil Services, getting into this field is no cakewalk. One has to be utterly dedicated if he/she wishes to make it to the end of the tunnel. There are two parts to the examinations – the Prelims and the Mains. To clear the Prelims, one needs to have a head start of at least six months of preparation, after which he/she needs to dedicate a year of study for the Mains.


Most importantly, it is an assessment of your intellect and overall personality. Granted that the process is difficult, but in the end, the gleaming faces of the ones who make it prove that it is worth the effort.

Civil Services as a careerReality Check:


While choosing the Civil Services as a career is an excellent course of action, there are some particular demands of the job that you should consider. Before leaping into this field, one has to make a practical assessment of the time and effort that he/she has to put in it. Civil Servants shoulder many responsibilities and have to be adept at decision making. They need to have a unique eye for things, one that sees an opportunity where none can.


Also, patience and perseverance are the two virtues that one must have when aspiring to be a Civil Servant. In a country as big as ours, where people have severely differing opinions, it takes time for results to show. So, you need to ask yourself if you are cut out for a job that demands this intensity of dedication and commitment.


Branches of the Indian Civil Services:


Though there are twenty-four categories under the Indian Civil Services, most people are aware of only the popular ones, namely, Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and Indian Revenue Service (IRS).


  • The IAS is a dream job for millions in the country owing to the prestige and honor attached to it. IAS officers are involved with the administrative machinery of the country, ensuring that the policies of the government are implemented rightfully.


  • IPS holds the second position when it comes to popularity. IPS officers are in charge of upholding and maintaining law and order in the country. Often, they have to work in collaboration with various ministers.


  • IRS officers have to shoulder the responsibility of one of the most important functions under the Central government – tax and revenue collections. Serving under the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau, IRS officers see to it that the economic laws in the country are implemented properly.


  • While the above-mentioned ranks of officers are deployed to the nation, IFS officers function as the representatives of the nation in foreign lands, e.g. Diplomats and Ambassadors.

Civil Services as a careerApart from being a respectable field, the Civil Services come with a deep sense of security and job satisfaction. Right from the preparation for the examination, to the examination process, and finally, to cracking the exams, it is a journey that one will always remember. It is an opportunity to push one’s limits in order to bring about real change within the Indian society, and those who aren’t afraid of treading the unconventional path, are the ones who shine in this field.


There is something really exciting about the fact that one single decision of yours can touch the lives of many. Above all, the mark of a true Civil Servant is his/her indomitable will to serve the nation and drive Her towards greatness.


So, do you have it in you to make it to the Indian Civil Services?