How You Can Negotiate A Better Salary & Contract


How You Can Negotiate A Better Salary & Contract

You’re worth more, they don’t appreciate you, you deserve a raise. Well that’s what you think and possibly what you tell your co-workers, friends, and family, this may be true but what are you doing about it? Here we look at some strategies that everyone should be looking at to secure that better salary and contract.

Know Your Strengths

If you are going to go to your boss and ask for a better deal, more money, or even a promotion then they are going to ask why you deserve it, and you are going to have to have an answer for this. So it’s important not just to list what you think you are good at but to be able to give real-world examples, this can include sales figured achieved, projects completed or any other measurable marker you can show as it’s harder for them to argue against your value when you show it in this manner.

Find Out What The Going Rate Is For Your Position

Feeling underpaid is common, but are you really underpaid? If so, by how much? It’s important to research what the average salary for someone in your role is especially with a certain number of years experience. It’s easy to find out what people earn on average per different industries, you can simply look it up on this website here.

Be Aware Of The Legalities Of The Contract

If you are offered a new deal and the boss has promised X, Y, and Z verbally in a meeting or otherwise then it’s vitally important to make sure all of this is included in the contract and that the contractual terms and conditions are all fair and legal. It pays to have an expert give the document a good and professional reading to ensure you are not missing out on anything you have been promised as it’s a lot easier to flag something up before it’s signed rather than afterwards.  

Have A Plan Leading Up To The Request

When going for a meeting it’s important to prepare, and this can be no less true in this situation than in any other. You would prepare for an exam, of course, so why not treat this the same. Draw up a plan, study yourself and how to sell yourself and prepare for any possible questions you might be possibly asked in the meeting. This means you will appear confident and professional and someone who deserves this request to be granted. 

Use Leverage: Research Other Options 

There’s no harm in assessing your options and you should find out what your alternative options are should you decide to leave following an inadequate offer from your employer. Look at job adverts and even use your industry contacts to see who would be interested in hiring you should you become available. This will give you a real basis for aggressive negotiation, should you want to go down this road, as you don’t want to make a threat that you can’t follow through on.