The GATE exam is a national level examination. which is taken by more than 9 lacs students every year for higher education. Cracking such an exam is a difficult task. Highly motivated students with a clear vision of their goal will only be able to do well in the exam.

To crack GATE 2020, students must have a proper plan. This plan should be subjective and based on one’s own strengths and limitations. There are many coaching institutes that offer a proper path for the students. Therefore, we have come up with some necessary tips that students may follow to ace GATE 2020 without coaching.

GATE Exam – Preparation Tips 

  • Set short term goals:
    There should be an organized chart for daily, weekly and monthly targets instead of long term non-realistic goals.
  • A strong conceptual base: 
    As a future biomedical engineer, your capacity to understand scientific and mathematical principles is important. As you explore the fields of math and science in preparation for the exam. challenge yourself and make an extra effort to excel in these fields and not just qualify them. 
  • Constant Revision: 
    Revise what you study on a daily basis instead of piling up and keeping long term revision plans. Frequent revisions save a lot of time and help in building a strong conceptual base. Make charts or notes to keep a track of formulas for last-minute revisions.
  • Put your Practice to Test: 
    Take topic wise and overall mock tests to know where you stand in terms of application. Analyze each of your mock tests and rectify the mistakes especially the conceptual ones. 
  • Balance is a must: 
    Keep a balance between work and play. This will help in maintaining your interest in the syllabus and level of productivity. Take frequent breaks in the beginning and gradually reduce the frequency of breaks once the concentration ability is all built up. Deal with the preparation process with patience, as shortcuts aren’t the solution.
  • Appropriate Information and Awareness: 
    Before beginning to craft a preparation starategy candidates must be aware of the syllabus and other related information. An organized schedule considering one’s strengths and weaknesses in various topics will have better and long-lasting results on the actual performance.

Follow these tips to clear GATE Exam