Sports in engineering colleges

Engineering colleges are known to be highly  participative in sports events. The reason being that physical activities helps maintain a healthy stature of the mind and the body resulting in better performance in academics.Go on and read our article about Sports in engineering colleges .

Sports in engineering colleges

Sports in engineering colleges

Indian colleges have always encouraged sports. Physical fitness has been in the curriculum since school. Therefore, no specialization course or college can skip sports as it falls under the law. But the degree of inclination, a student experiences once they join a college varies due to the overall academic performance of the institution. Some colleges focus equally and some pay more weightage to sports. Engineering colleges, though known for their academic performance, have sports quota, churning national players of tomorrow. Cricket runs in the blood of the youth, similarly soccer is gaining wide popularity. Incorporating these sports in the curriculum acts as a great workout for the mi, especially for students who are stressed due to constant academic competitiveness.

Today, we shall discuss sports apart from popular cricket and football that are widely practiced in engineering colleges;

Hockey is the national game of India, but due to lack of popularity, colleges avoid giving high weightage to this sport. But some engineering colleges pay close attention to encouraging this dying sport. Inter-collegiate events reward great performing student’s scholarships at times.
Basketball is gaining popularity with the influence from the western borders. International students in engineering colleges encourage new sports. Also as most engineering colleges are blessed with beautiful campuses or even location like BITS, Goa, it is a fun sport to relax with your friends. Another advantage of engaging in basketball is that it isn’t gender biased therefore gathers attraction from both sexes.

After watching the popular movie, ‘Bhaag Milka Bhaag’, more and more students are enjoying athletics. Also thanks to the body building mania, women especially practicing gymnastics tend to have toned body like celebrities reducing the ratio of unhealthy students on the grounds.Any sport is a good sport, if you are dedicated to it and are keen on building a career out of it. If you are engineering student, it’s a great physical workout for a brilliant mind.

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