Industry Partnership Programs that you can benefit from

Engineering students can benefit immensely from the industrial partnership programs that run in the college. They can become a part of such programs and get hands-on experience. Besides, they also stand a chance to gain scholarships.

industrial Partnership Programs

You must have often read about the carious Industrial Partnership Programs an institute or college has in their brochures. They name a list of companies under this. But what exactly is it?

Industrial Partnership Programs are nothing but a tie-up between two bodies, in this case a company and the college. Under this tie-up the company provides the college with funds for some kind of research and the college shares the results with the company. The company uses the information for its benefit while the college can add it to their curriculum, thus making it more extensive.

For eg. Manipal University has collaborations with TCS and Infosys, IIT, Bombay’s recent industry-sponsored laboratories include Tata Infotech, TCS laboratory among others.

How students benefit from industrial partnership programs?

Colleges clearly advertise the fact that they have an industrial partnership program. It is simply because these programs help students in ways which let them get a job or experience. There are various ways in which students can benefit from these industrial partnerships.

  1. When a company spends for a particular research in the college, the college is expected to work on it and deliver the results. This research or development of something new requires students to work on it. When students work for a company research they are indirectly benefitting from it as they gain work experience. Working on a company research project gives them invaluable practical experience. This experience helps a lot when they look for jobs later.


  1. Companies which have this partnership with colleges often also hire students based on these projects. It gets easier for them to recruit quality professionals as they can gauge their value based on the research.
  2. Students enrolled in this partnership program also stand a chance to earn scholarships based on their performance. So it is a good idea to choose one.
  3. Industrial Partnership Programs hold immense value and that is why you should give this section good thought before choosing your engineering college.

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