6 Things That Happen in Every Group Project

If you are a 90’s kid, chances are you have already passed out of college. This also means you were a part of group projects that happen in every college. Now to those who have never been part of a group project, it may sound super fun! But only we are aware of the annoyance and the final triumph that comes with a group project. Let’s see six things that happen in every group project!


The first part of any group project is TOTAL CHAOS! So either the teacher has randomly created a group or you have landed with a group of people you thought you were compatible with. Either ways getting everything in order for the project is never easy. No one really knows what the project is about and chances are everyone is just super bored and will work at the last moment.

The Inevitable Group leader

In this chaos, there is always this one person who is an inevitable group leader. Everyone automatically believes that he or she is going to take over and organize the entire project. And for some reason or the other that is exactly what happens. That person in the group just comes and saves the day!

No one is ever free for a Group Meeting

The minute you say group meeting, everybody becomes as busy as the president of the USA! Coordinating a group meeting is like the hardest thing, sometimes even harder than actually doing the project. And thanks to a million calls, a zillion discussions over group chats mixed with the fear of failing the subject everyone comes together for one meeting.

Zero Productivity Group Meeting

So after getting everyone together for a group meeting you would expect things to get sorted and super organized right..? WRONG..!! If you think getting your group members in one room is all it takes you have never been a part of the group project. And let me tell you its exactly the opposite. Half of them are asleep and the other half do not agree on a single thing, thus causing more confusion.

No Time = Total Freak Out

Now after wasting so much time everyone realizes that the submission and presentation is just a few days away! And nothing has even been started on the project. Not a single word has been typed and time is running. Now this is the time everyone freaks out! Suddenly each member of the group wants to do something so that everyone passes the semester. The entire group is running around. Of course amongst this too there is that one lazy person who still doesn’t do anything (his name will not be added to the project, not that he cares.)

End Time Work Wins!

And finally the day of the presentation has arrived. Some group members are standing outside the printing guy’s shop even before it has started. Some are praying to god and some are still sleeping at home. But after all the chaos everything still falls into place.

That’s right! Everyone is sitting in class with their formal clothes on snickering at other’s presentations and nervously waiting for theirs. And yet those are the days we can never ever forget. In fact we would give anything to go back!

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