6 Types of Boys You Find in Every College

College full of all types of people, but there are a few stereotypical guys you will find in every college. We all know who they are and sometimes it is us, either ways let’s take a look at six types of guys that make college all the more fun!

King of Geeks

This guy knows everything about everything. He always aces the class, knows all the science stuff and if you are ever stuck at anything, this is the guy you turn too. He is a great classmate to have and an even better friend. And of course, his notes are top-notch. At times he even teaches better than the professor himself. I am sure you know who this guy is from your batch!

The Hunk

The Hunk..! This guy is super hot and every girl’s eye candy. In fact if he ever talks to girl, her cheeks are about to turn pink. He is friendly, kind and sooooooo good looking. Most girls have a crush on him. And he always, I mean always has a girl friend (obviously hated by all the girls). Nonetheless, this guy is a stud and everyone loves his attention.

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy, is always super super nice. If you need help, Mr. Nice Guy comes to your rescue. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone. In fact if someone is ever fighting, Mr. Nice Guy resolves that too. He also somehow convinces the teacher to delay the date of presentations. Yup! Mr. Nice Guy can get anything done with his niceness.

Class Clown

Entertainment is this guy’s forte. If he is absent even for a day, the whole class feels bored. He always has witty jokes up his sleeves and also has superb timing when cracking these jokes. The Class Clown is someone everyone wants to be around. He is invited to all the parties and is a part of all fun activities in college.


every college

Wow! The narcissist. Like the name suggests, this guy is always full of himself. Whenever he talks, all you can hear is “Me…Me…Me..Me…”. He doesn’t care about others and is a total show off. If he ever gets anything new, the entire college needs to know about it.

Mr. Weird Hairdos

types of boys

Want to know about the latest hairdos, this guy is for you. But let me warn not all his hardos, are cool. Some are super weird, some even make him look like a “Murga”. Well doesn’t really matter. He always adds the quirky factor in the batch and although people find him weird they cant wait to see what will his next hairstyle be like.

I am sure all of you must have met these guys! So these were the six types of guys that are a part of every college. Tag a friend who you think fits the tag of any of the six types of guys! College is incomplete without them.

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