Cultural life at engineering colleges

Cultural life in engineering colleges is quite alluring. The student’s body and the academic council is highly active in hosting cultural events that boost both physical and mental growth of a student beyond academics.

Cultural life in engineering colleges


Cultural life in engineering colleges

Engineering colleges are known to have the most happening cultural lives. They host the best festivals around the country to expose their lively and vibrant cultural to the people. This cultural exposition calls for attention not just within the Indian boundaries but also overseas. Artists across the planet await to get a chance to perform in front of Indian audience to get exposure to the culture and acceptance of their art. These cultural events at times last for days to help the students unwind before an expected examination or even instil organizational skills.

Today, we shall list the top three engineering cultural festivals in India;

Moodi: IIT Mumbai
Mood Indigo is one of the top cultural festivals in India. They have technology geniuses and the Ambani’s of tomorrow from across boundaries. As the institute practices free culture and encourages all forms of art, this strongly reflects even in their festival. A 3 day long fest that has everything under the roof of educational as well as entertaining activities.


Oasis: BITS Pilani
BITS students are known for their inclination towards music. International artists from across the world look forward to this platform to perform in front of the Indian audience. They have a dedicated event for the rock bands of the world to set the stage of fire known as Rocktaves. Bands like Opeth, Eluveitie and others have performed on this stage.


Ragam: NIT Calicut
Ragam festival was initiated in the memory of a late student who was a musician. Today, it is one of the biggest stage for aspiring singers from across the country to showcase their talent and win an album launch. Celebrity judges are known to bless the event with their presence increasing student attraction from across the country.

This year, try and be a part of at least one engineering festival event to taste their culture.

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