Fresher Jobs : Instantly find jobs with these websites

Fresher Jobs are available in abundance but finding quality fresher jobs can be a tough task. When you are just starting your career as a fresher, people might undervalue you and end up giving you less than what you deserve. There are many places where one can go job hunting right after college, you can get in touch with your campus placement cell, tap into your network for some interesting work opportunities or you can go online.

Even when it comes to online fresher jobs, you can do multiple things. If you want to begin your career working in a field you are passionate about and money is not a huge concern, start by writing directly to brands and companies you love. For example, let’s say you want to be a game designer and you live in New Delhi, hence for finding fresher jobs in the field of game designing, you should first search for companies that you find interesting in the gaming domain.

Then, go to their careers page and look what kind of people are they hiring. If you do match up to the requirements, apply quickly, otherwise write a mail to the company saying what kind of opportunities you are looking for, what is your passion and how can you add value to the company. By showing companies the value you will be able to provide, you raise your chances of getting hired.

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But most of the people look for fresher jobs online on various sites. To make that process easier we have compiled a list of best fresher jobs sites.

Best Fresher Jobs Websites

1) Freshersworld

Probably the most popular site for freshers, freshersworld continues to be the number 1 website for fresher jobs. More than 60,000 recruiters use the website for hiring fresh talent. You can search for both private and government jobs. You can search for jobs in different categories, companies, roles, branches, cities and more. The ease of use of the website makes it the favorite among many freshers.

2) Firstnaukri

Not many people know about it but the leading jobs website Naukri has a special website for fresher jobs. FirstNaukri is a jobs site dedicated to campus hiring. The features you get are almost similar to Freshersworld but the Naukri brand increases the probability of getting good job proposals. You can find which companies are taking walk-in interviews, interact with experts regarding your career and take part in contests.

3) Angelist

The website is like Linkedin but for startups. Investors use the website for finding startups, startups create their profile to connect with investors and publicly share details like team members, funding raised, investors etc. One more thing that you can find on a company’s profile on Angelist is job listing. Search for the startup you are interested in working with, you will see job listings with details like key responsibility areas, salary range, experience expected and more. You can apply through Angelist as well.

4) Typical Internship Sites

You might have interned with various companies during your college time and most likely you found those internships via sites like Internshala, Letsintern, 19twenty, Intern theory etc. Even though you may not be looking for internships, but these sites can be a great option for entry level jobs. Furthermore, there are many great companies that hire talent through these internship sites. So in case none of the other sites work for you, do give these internship sites a try.

5) Hackerearth, Hackerank

These sites are more focused on developer jobs. These companies hold competitions where you have to solve challenges either hosted by the site or either by companies that are looking to hire fresh talent. If you believe your skills are better than others, do log in to these sites and start taking part in competitions.

6) Linkedin

The best site for professional networking can also be a great source for finding jobs. You can connect with people in the industry you are interested in. Drop a gentle text to people who are in your field, let them know that you are looking for opportunities. Furthermore, once you actively start using Linkedin, you start getting really good job recommendations.

7) Quickr Jobs

Another surprise on the list, did you know you could find jobs, and pretty decent ones on quickr? Besides quickr jobs, you can also go to Hiree (a company acquired by quickr jobs) to find fresher jobs. Although the site is not solely focused on fresher jobs, you can search for jobs based on your experience, interests and more. Furthermore, the site also tells you how much you should be earning based on market data.

Landing your first job is a pretty big thing in your life. Hopefully this article made that process easier for you.

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