What are the job opportunities in the ecommerce space

With the rise in the complexities in the business scenario, ecommerce organizations are being faced with huge amount of challenges. In order to encounter those challenges, new job opportunities in the eCommerce space are coming up in this field. These job descriptions require both technical and manage rial skills.

built your career in eCommerce  

With the advent of latest technologies, ecommerce sector has now been able to achieve a growth rate of more than sixty percent. With this massive growth, this sector is now looking for more and more people with technical and managerial expertise. It is the sector, which should be the destination of budding engineers and managers, who have big career aspirations.


As the ecommerce space is turning out to be more and more complicated, organizations are being encountered with unforeseen challenges. That’s why several job opportunities are coming up for coping with those challenges. Some of those job opportunities are as per the following:

  • SEO Manager: As new ecommerce organizations are coming up almost regularly, sometimes it becomes very tough to ensure their visibility among the search engines. Organizations, like Xerago E-Biz Services Pvt. Ltd. recruit engineers and MBAs for SEO optimization for their websites.
  • Ecommerce Business Analyst: Unlike any other IT projects, ecommerce is such a business, where the business functionalities have to be decided by the organizations. Therefore, organizations, like Snapdeal recruit MBAs in the position of ecommerce business analyst, who will be responsible of designing and implementing the functional requirements in the websites.
  • Digital marketing coordinator: Ecommerce organizations generally work on virtual platforms. Therefore, marketing initiatives taken up by them are mostly carried out on digital platform. Organizations, like AddRec Solutions Pvt. Ltd. recruits IT engineers and MBAs for designing and handing their marketing channels.
  • Content Manager: For keeping up with the changing trend in the market, ecommerce organizations need to update their websites on a regular basis. Organizations, like ELK Education Pvt. Ltd. recruit graduates and post graduates for creating and updating their website contents regularly.

These are some of the examples of the lucrative and upcoming job opportunities in the ecommerce space.

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