Hot Jobs IT sector that You must consider

For more than a decade, IT sector has been a major recruiting sector. However, present industrial scenario is changing the job descriptions in this sector. Emerging areas like big data, cyber security, business analysis etc. are turning out to be the hot jobs in IT sector.



India has been the major hub of IT sector across the world. Over the years, revenue generated from IT sector has been a significant part of Indian Gross Domestic Product. Owing to the lucrative salary structure, jobs in this sector have been the first preference of the budding IT engineers.


Jobs in IT Sector


Looking at the structure of this industry, there are a number of job profiles, which are considered as the Hot Jobs in IT Sector. Following are some of the examples of those:

  • Big data analyst: There has been a huge demand of big data analysts, who are expert in identifying the patterns and movements hidden in the datasets. This profile also involves finding out the possible causal relations among the parameters using statistical tools, like Hadoop. Organizations, like Mu Sigma are the pioneers in this field.
  • Business analyst: This role is techno-functional in nature. Engineers looking for this position must be able to grasp not only the technical requirements of the project, but also functional requirements of the same. It requires the knowledge of statistical tools and current business processes. This job profile is majorly offered by multinational organizations like, TATA Consultancy Services.
  • App Developer: With the advent of Smartphones, demand of this particular job profile has been rising like anything. Engineers with programming skills in object oriented languages and Android applications, should look up to the startup organizations, like Sourcebits.
  • Cyber defense experts: With the emergence of cyber crimes, this particular job profile is turning out to be popular among the budding engineers. Majorly defense and intelligence departments of India are looking for experts in cyber defense.

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