Choose a career in mobile apps development

B Tech graduates who have studied computer applications and MCA pass outs are the preferred set of candidates for getting into mobile application development. There are vast growth prospects in this field as everything and anything today is on mobile. So Choose a career in mobile apps development.

career in mobile apps development


Mobile phone users are increasingly using their smartphones for not only the basic option of making calls but also for accessing various applications. These apps concern all kinds of industries and address a wide variety of people.

career in mobile apps development


There are apps for routes, movie tickets, grocery shopping, other online shopping, social media, education etc. With the high revenue being generated through this Value Added Service (VAS), companies are increasingly looking to cash in on it and develop more apps.

This is exactly why the demand for mobile app developers is increasing. But there is scarcity of good app developers. So the market is wide open for anyone wanting to make a career in this field.


What you need to become a mobile app developer?core engineering

  1. These apps are nothing but software for mobile phones and so it is important to belong to the IT field. BTech and MCA students with additional knowledge of gateways and servers such as WAP, XML etc., browsers, clients (SMS, chat) and stacks are the preferred lot.
  2. It is important to stay up-to-date with the changing technology and new services in the market. Innovation is the key to success and a brilliant idea is well rewarded. It is also important to understand the trends well so that the app can be modified and upgraded as per the client’s needs.
  3. Creating a new app is not enough if you can’t sell it with confidence. So learn some good marketing techniques to make your app a success.



  1. Learn a programming language such a C++, Java, iOS, depending on the platform (Windows, Android) you would be interested in working on.


If you are focussed and determined to make it as a mobile app developer, all you need to do is choose the right subjects and then undertake a course on mobile app development. This would be the most ideal way to learn about the subject.

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