UPSC Exam Current Affairs and News Analysis (29-11-2019)

upsc exam current affairs 29-11-2019

Highlights |UPSC Exam Current Affairs 29-11-2019

UPSC exam current affairs 29-11-2019- The following article contains all the updated events and news for IAS Preparation. Our daily IAS Current Affairs and News cover the most important topics to give precise information to the reader and IAS Aspirants.

  • Ministry forms an expert committee to review Sports Code
  • Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • U.S. to cut spending on NATO budget
  • National Institute of Design (Amendment) Bill
  • NuGen Mobility Summit-2019

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UPSC Exam Current Affairs 29-11-2019 are followed in the part below:

UPSC Exam Current Affairs and News Analysis (29-11-2019)

Ministry forms an expert committee to review Sports Code

Part of: GS Prelims and GS-II – Governance

In News

  • Olympic bronze-medallist shooter Gagan Narang, previous football commander Bhaichung Bhutia and national badminton trainer P. Gopi Chand have been named in a 13-part master board of trustees shaped by the Sports Ministry to audit the Draft National Sports Code 2017.
  • The master board of trustees will be going by Supreme Court judge Justice (Retd.) Mukundakam Sharma as its director.
  • The draft code proposes intense changes in the 2011 Code, including excepting of priests, individuals from Parliament and Legislative Assemblies and government hirelings from holding office in the IOA and NSFs, residency confinements and age top of 70 years.
  • The board will likewise include a delegate from the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), which has dismissed the code in current structure as it looks to put an age and residency top on sports executives.
  • The board of trustees will attempt to find some kind of harmony between self-rule of National Sports Federations versus requirement for straightforwardness and self-governance.

Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Part of: GS Prelims and GS Mains II – Indian Polity

In News

  • Lok Sabha passed the Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu (Merger of Union Territories) Bill, 2019. The Bill provides that the jurisdiction of the High Court of Bombay will continue to extend to the merged UT.
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli has only one area while Daman and Diu have two. The consolidated populace of the two UTs is 5 lakh 80 thousand.
  • Having two separate protected and managerial elements in both the Union Territories prompts a great deal of duplicacy, wastefulness and inefficient use and causes a superfluous budgetary weight on the administration.
  • In perspective on the arrangement of the administration to have ‘Least Government, Maximum Governance’, considering little populace and constrained geological region of both the Union Territories and to utilize the administrations of officials productively, government has chosen to combine the Union Territories of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu into a solitary association region,
  • The Bill changes the First Schedule to blend the regions of the two UTs: (a) Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and (b) Daman and Diu. At present every UT has one seat in Lok Sabha and the Bill accommodates the assignment of two Lok Sabha seats to the blended UT.
  • The Bill gives that the purview of the High Court of Bombay will keep on reaching out to the consolidated UT.

U.S. to cut spending on NATO budget

Part of: GS Prelims and GS Mains II – International Affairs

In News

  • The U.S. is to slice its commitment to NATO’s working spending plan with Germany expanding instalments.
  • Mr Trump has more than once censured European individuals for freeloading on the U.S., singling out Germany for falling behind on a union pledge to spend at any rate 2% of GDP on resistance.
  • Washington as of now pays 22.1% of the NATO spending plan — which totalled $2.5 billion of every 2019 — and Germany 14.8%, under a recipe dependent on every nation’s gross national pay.
  • Under the new understanding, the U.S. will slice its commitment to 16.35% of the aggregate, Germany’s will ascend to a similar level and different partners will pay more.

About NATO

  • NATO likewise called the North Atlantic Alliance is based on the North Atlantic Treaty that was marked in 1949.
  • It is an intergovernmental military collision between North American and European nations.
  • It comprises an arrangement of aggregate protection whereby its free part states consent to shared resistance because of an assault by any outer gathering.
  • The National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) for the financial year 2020 was passed by the United States Senate as of late. This administrative arrangement gives India NATO partner like status; it carries India at standard with America’s NATO partners and nations like Israel and South Korea for expanding safeguard participation.

National Institute of Design (Amendment) Bill

Part of: GS Prelims and GS Mains II – Education

In News

  • The Parliament has passed the National Institute of Design (Amendment) Bill, 2019.
  • It proclaims the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad as an establishment of national significance.
  • It additionally tries to announce 4 National Institutes of Designs foundations of national significance.
  • They are situated at Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh, Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, Jorhat in Assam and Kurukshetra in Haryana.
  • Right now, these establishments are enlisted as Societies under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and don’t have the ability to allow degrees or certificates.
  • On being announced organizations of national significance, the four establishments will be conceded the ability to allow degrees and certificates.

Significance of National Importance Tag

  • It will deliver profoundly talented labour in the plan area which thus, will make openings for work, both immediate and backhanded.
  • It will likewise give feasible structure mediations to handloom, creates, country innovation, little, medium (SMEs) and huge scale ventures (LSEs); and effort programs for limit, ability and establishment building.

NuGen Mobility Summit-2019

Part of: GS Prelims and GS Mains III – Infrastructure

In News

  • Association Minister of Road Transport and Highways and Shipping, NuGen Mobility Summit-2019 (to be held from 27 to 29 November 2019) at International Center of Automotive Technology (ICAT) in Manesar, Haryana.
  • It is the biggest car innovation occasion covering applicable themes of exchange fuel frameworks and E-Mobility.
  • The topic of the occasion is arrangement around new age subjects like e-versatility, Hydrogen Mobility, Connected Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). It centres around growing new innovative arrangements as indicated by worldwide prerequisites.
  • Car innovation specialists from 15 nations including India will introduce in excess of 120 specialized research papers. More than 200 organizations creating vehicles and segments will show their items.
  • Hugeness: The advantages of the occasion will be found in finding the appropriate option in contrast to inner ignition motor (ICE) running for around 125 years in nation and world just as underscoring on New Generation Mobility which will be Green, protected and reasonable
  • ICT, Manesar is a division of NATRIP (National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project) Implementation Society (NATIS) under the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.

India-Chile double taxation avoidance treaty

Part of: GS Prelims and GS Mains III – Economy

In News

  • The Union Cabinet has endorsed the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) among India and Chile.
  • The duty understanding helps citizens in these nations abstain from being exhausted twice for a similar salary.
  • This will help in the disposal of twofold tax assessment just as anticipation of monetary avoidance and evasion regarding charges on salary.
  • A DTAA applies in situations where a citizen dwells in one nation and gains salary in another.
  • Clear allotment of burdening rights between contracting states through these sort of understanding will give charge conviction to speculators and organizations of the two nations, consequently drawing in outside venture.
  • The understanding will execute the least norms and different proposals of G-20/OECD Base Erosion Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project

About BEPS

  • Base disintegration and benefit moving (BEPS) allude to charge arranging methodologies utilized by global ventures that adventure holes and confuses in charge rules to abstain from making good on a charge.
  • Building up nations’ higher dependence on corporate personal assessment implies they experience the ill effects of BEPS lopsidedly. BEPS rehearses cost nations USD 100-240 billion in lost income every year.
  • Cooperating inside OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS, more than 130 nations and wards are teaming up on the usage of 15 measures to handle charge evasion, improve the lucidness of universal assessment controls and guarantee a progressively straightforward duty condition.


Part of: GS Prelims and GS Mains III – Economy/Science & Technology

In News

  • From December 1, paths on national thruway cost squares crosswise over India will acknowledge cost distinctly through FASTag.The objective is to expel bottlenecks and catch all cost electronically.
  • FASTag is a radio-recurrence recognizable proof (RFID) innovation sticker that can be introduced on the windshield of any vehicle.
  • By this, cost instalments can be made legitimately from the prepaid record connected to it, in this way staying away from the need of vehicles to stop at cost courts for the installment of expenses.
  • The RFID innovation is like that utilized in transport get to control frameworks, similar to Metro brilliant card.
  • Under another “One Nation One FASTag” conspire, the NHAI is attempting to get states ready with the goal that one tag can be utilized consistently crosswise over thruways, independent of whether it is the state or the Center that possesses/oversees it



TOPIC: General Studies 2:

  • Government arrangements and mediations for advancement in different areas and issues emerging out of their structure and usage.

Locals First Policy


  • The Maharashtra government, has vowed to institute a law to hold 80 percent of employment in the private segment for “nearby/habitation” young people.
  • Jagan Mohan Reddy government in Andhra Pradesh likewise saved 75 percent employments processing plants for Andhra Pradesh young people, making it the principal state in the nation to present such an arrangement in the private area.
  • Madhya Pradesh boss clergyman Kamal Nath also declared that his administration was thinking about a share for local people in private segment occupations in the state.
  • The Assam government had made comparative endeavours for reservation in state government occupations, administrative gathering and neighbourhood bodies for indigenous Assamese individuals

The Locals First Policy


With the development in enterprises, the interest in land for modern use has been expanding. Since a large portion of the necessity is met by procuring private rural grounds, the proprietors are being uprooted and denied of their work. Hence, there is an interest from land failures, aside from the nearby populace, to give work.

In spite of the fact that there were guarantees by the mechanical administrations to satisfy these needs at the underlying periods of setting up of their ventures, as a general rule, the goals are not met. In certain examples, despite the fact that the nearby individuals are utilized according to the underlying responsibilities, they are commonly utilized as cultivators, house-keeping workforce and other low-salary employments. This is making disappointment in the neighbourhood network and driving mechanical agitation.

Define ‘local’

On the off chance that the organization doesn’t discover appropriate people in the prompt region, they have to attempt to search for up-and-comers in the neighbouring towns. The degree will at that point grow to the region lastly to the whole state, where they will have the option to locate an appropriate possibility for any activity profile. There is, consequently, a need to team up on preparing local people with aptitudes required for the occupations they give.


  • While the enactment just by and large discussed 75 percent occupations to be filled by local people and makes no notice about the frameworks inside these employments in a production line, it has, in any case, left the issue open for a future discussion by calling attention to that lone low-paying occupations were being given to local people in specific examples.
  • Under the law, if gifted workforce are not accessible for the current task, these modern units can’t ‘import’ workers from somewhere else; the weight of bestowing the imperative abilities to, and of utilizing, local people will fall on the units.
  • It will in all likelihood push up the expense of working together in such geological elements that grasp this approach and make a joke of the idea of the ‘Indian Common Market’, which lays on the basic reason of liberated work portability.
  • Fundamentally, a booking for neighbourhood populaces is additionally an infringement of the naturally ensured right of each resident to work, live and move uninhibitedly inside the nation.

Interstate Movements:

  • The Constitution of India ensures opportunity of development and subsequently work inside India through a few arrangements.
  • Article 19 guarantees that residents can “move openly all through the region of India”.
  • Article 16 ensures no origin-based separation in open work.
  • Article 15 gatekeepers against segregation dependent on the spot of birth and
  • Article 14 accommodates equity under the steady gaze of law regardless of a spot of birth.
  • A portion of these Articles was conjured in a milestone 2014 case—CharuKhurana versus Association of India—when a worker’s guild had declined enrollment to a make-up craftsman since she had not lived in Maharashtra for in any event five years, according to the association’s principles. The worker’s organization lost the case.
Daily Current Affairs IAS | UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam – 29th November 2019
Daily Current Affairs IAS | UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam – 29th November 2019

SRC: Live Mint


Giving professional preparing and training — obligations of the State — could have been a long haul arrangement. In any case, with the obligatory reservation of 75 per cent of all occupations for nearby individuals, the state government has moved this duty onto the mechanical area. Further, the versatility of work is important to offer ventures the chance to choose the best ability and stay focused. A booking, for example, the one in Andhra Pradesh will consequently hamper the simplicity of working together, debilitating modern interest in the state and making joblessness shoot up further.

Governmental policy regarding minorities in society was at one time an instrument to bring the most monetarily and instructively in reverse areas on a standard with the remainder of the populace. On account of populist governments, it has been transformed into a confirmation — but a bogus one — of an easy route to progress. The booking for Marathas — a monetarily and socially prevailing fragment — in Maharashtra is a valid example. The basic reasons for requests for reservation are, among different variables, farming and monetary emergency, the absence of standardized savings nets, joblessness and unfair access to training.

Connecting the Dots:

  • Will occupations for-local people amount set off an influx of parochial governmental issues? Talk about.


TOPIC: General Studies 3:

  • Protection, ecological contamination and debasement, natural effect appraisal

2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference


  • The 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference, otherwise called COP25, is to be is wanted to be held in Madrid, Spain, from 2 to 13 December 2019.
  • The gathering will fuse the 25th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the fifteenth gathering of the gatherings for the Kyoto Protocol (CMP15), and the second gathering of the gatherings for the Paris Agreement (CMA2).
  • will be the job of market-based components for lessening emanations of ozone-depleting substances, for example, carbon counterbalances
  • Mediators in Madrid are set to examine what sort of balances, assuming any, ought to be utilized to meet the objectives set out in the 2015 Paris understanding and how they ought to be checked, after certain situations where outflows cuts didn’t appear.


  • Carbon counterbalancing enables a nation to help arrive at its very own emanations decrease focuses by financing discharge decreases in another nation.
  • Organizations are likewise progressively utilizing carbon credits to counterbalance their emanations.
  • The main major counterbalancing plan, the U.N.s clean advancement instrument (CDM), was set up under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, wherein 190 nations concurred nation by-nation discharge decrease targets.
  • Underlines India’s administration in the comity of countries focused on the worldwide reason for ecological assurance and atmosphere equity.
  • Usage of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) extends under responsibility period as per Sustainable Development needs will pull in certain interests in India also.

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM):

  • The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), characterized in Article 12 of the Protocol, permits a nation with a discharge decrease or outflow impediment duty under the Kyoto Protocol to actualize an emanation decrease venture in creating nations.
  • Such tasks can acquire saleable guaranteed discharge decrease (CER) attributes, every comparable to one ton of CO2, which can be tallied towards meeting Kyoto targets.
  • The instrument is seen by numerous individuals as a pioneer. It is the primary worldwide, natural venture and credit plan of its sort, giving an institutionalized emanations balance instrument, CERs.
  • A CDM venture movement may include, for instance, a provincial charge venture utilizing sunlight based boards or the establishment of more vitality effective boilers.
  • The instrument animates reasonable advancement and emanation decreases while giving industrialized nations some adaptability by the way they meet their discharge decrease or impediment targets.


  • The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) tries to settle Green House Gas focuses in the air at a level that would limit impedance with the atmosphere framework.
  • Perceiving that created nations are mainly answerable for the present significant levels of Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) in the climate, the Kyoto Protocol places responsibilities on created countries to attempt alleviation targets and to give money related assets and move of innovation to the creating countries.
  • Creating nations like India have no required moderation commitments or focuses under the Kyoto Protocol.
  • The Kyoto Protocol was embraced in 1997.
  • First duty period was from 2008-2012.
  • At Doha in 2012, the changes to the Kyoto Protocol for the second responsibility time frame (the Doha Amendment) were effectively received for the period 2013-2020. Created nations have just begun actualizing their duties under the ‘select in’ arrangements of the Doha Amendment.
  • India has constantly stressed the significance of atmosphere activities by created nation Parties in the pre-2020 period. In addition, it has supported atmosphere activities dependent on the standards and arrangements of the Convention, for example, the guideline of Equity and Common yet separated duties and particular capacities (CBDR and RC)

Connecting the dots:

  • Pundits state balancing outflows lessens motivators for the radical emanations slices expected to slow an unnatural weather change and doesn’t continually bring the proposed advantages. Break down


Model questions: (You can now post your answers in the comment section)

Q.1) Consider the following statements about NuGen mobility Summit 2019

  1. It is held in Pune which is the largest automotive technology event in the country so far.
  2. Automotive technology experts only from SAARC countries except Pakistan are participating in this summit.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.2) Consider the following statements about the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)

  1. A DTAA applies in cases where a tax-payer resides in one country and earns income in another.
  2. It will help in the elimination of double taxation as well as prevention of fiscal evasion and avoidance with respect to taxes on income.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.3) Consider the following statements about Fastags

  1. It employs Radio Frequency Identification technology which is similar to that used in transport access-control systems, like Metro smart card
  2. It will help to remove bottlenecks at tolls and capture all toll payments electronically.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

Q.4) Consider the following statements about the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

  1. It constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party. 
  2. Its headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium
  3. India which was earlier not a part of NATO has now become a member of NATO after signing foundational agreements like COMCASA, LEMOA and BECA with the USA

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1,2 and 3

Q.5) Consider the following statements about The Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu (merger of union territories) bill, 2019

  1. The two Union Territories are being merged for better administration and to prevent duplication of work in line with the government’s policy of Minimum Government, Maximum Governance
  2. The Bill provides that the jurisdiction of the High Court of Delhi will continue to extend to the merged UT.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

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