UPSC Exam Current Affairs and News Analysis (24-09-2019)

upsc exam current affairs 24-09-2019

Highlights|UPSC Exam Current Affairs 24-09-2019

Current Affairs and News (24-09-2019)- The following article contains all the updated events and news for IAS Preparation. Our daily IAS Current Affairs and News cover the most important topics to give precise information to the reader and IAS Aspirants.

  • CENSUS 2021
  • PM-JAY 
  • Social stock exchanges
  • Participatory Guarantee Scheme (PGS) 
  • 10 public sector banks to be merged into four
  • Right to Internet access as a fundamental right

Importance of Current Affairs in IAS Coaching

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UPSC Exam Current Affairs 24-09-2019 are followed in the part below:

UPSC Exam Current Affairs and News Analysis (24-09-2019)


Part of: GS Prelims and GS-II – Society

In News

  • The decennial evaluation exercise will be embraced in 2021 and, just because, move from paper to computerized design.
  • The 2011 Census pegged India’s populace at 1.21 billion—a 17.6% ascent from that of 2001.
  • Association Home Minister recommended (no proper proposition) one card for all utilities in future where by Aadhaar, identification, ledger, and driving permit are brought under one stage.
  • ₹12,000 crore would be spent on evaluation and arrangement of the National Population Register (NPR).
  • The NPR practice is not quite the same as the enumeration and isn’t connected to the National Register of Citizens (NRC).
  • With the end goal of the NPR, a conventional occupant is characterized as an individual who has dwelled in a neighborhood the previous a half year or more or an individual who plans to live around there for the following a half year or more.
  • The NPR joins biometric and statistic subtleties of any common occupant, along these lines making it a far reaching database of inhabitants.
  • A Census causes us plan our social welfare and qualification plots better”, through NPR India would have a “multipurpose character record that will have all subtleties like Aadhaar and PAN card”.


Part of: GS Prelims and Mains GS-II – Health

In News

  • Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan ArogyaYojana (PM-JAY) has finished one year and has recorded 46.4 lakh medical clinic medicines worth ₹7,500 crore
  • 60% of the amountunder the plan is being spent on tertiary consideration.
  • PM-JAY is the leader plan of the administration with an intend to carry quality medicinal services to around 50 crore poor and helpless Indians.
  • The plan gives yearly social insurance advantages of up to ₹5 lakh for each entitled family.
  • The plan has brought about sparing of over ₹12,000 crore to the recipient families.
  • Right now, 32 States and Union Territories are actualizing the plan and in excess of 10 crore recipient cards have been given.
  • PM-JAY means to guarantee improved human services conveyance, through a mix of government medical clinics and vital buying of administrations from private emergency clinics, in medicinal services shortfall zones

Social stock exchanges

Part of: GS Prelims and Mains GS-II- Economy

In News

  • SEBI has comprised a working gathering on Social Stock Exchanges (SSE) under the chairmanship of Ishaat Hussain.
  • The working gathering will look at and make proposals as for potential structures and instruments, inside the protections showcase space, to encourage the raising of assets by social ventures and deliberate associations
  • In 2019-20 Union Budget, Finance Minister had proposed a social stock exchangewithin the ambit of SEBI, for social ventures and intentional associations working for social welfare to assist them with raising capital through obligation, value and shared store.
  • A social stock trade, extensively, is comprehended as a stage that enables financial specialists to purchase partakes in a social undertaking that has been considered by the trade.
  • In London, comparable sort of stage acts more as a registry associating social ventures with potential financial specialists.
  • While in Canada the SVX is an online stage where even retail financial specialists can put resources into assets or organizations with social effect.


Part of: GS Prelims and Mains GS-II – Economy

In News

  • ChintanShivirwas sorted out by Ministry of Steel on the subject – Towards a Vibrant, Efficient and Globally Competitive Indian Steel area.
  • The reason for the occasion was to unite all partners to consider on a guide for making Indian Steel Sector increasingly lively, productive and all inclusive aggressive.
  • The Ministry encouraged industry to move in the direction of zero fares of characteristic assets and spotlight on esteem expansion.
  • During the occasion, new logo of Steel Ministry “ISPATI IRADA” was propelled
  • The “ISAPTI IRADA” battle means to increment suitable use of steel in the nation and carry more solidarity to society.

Participatory Guarantee Scheme (PGS) 

Part of: GS Prelims and Main GS-III – Food processing

In News

  • PGS is a procedure of guaranteeing natural items, which guarantees that their generation happens as per set down quality measures. The affirmation is as a recorded logo or an intentional explanation.
  • PGS is a “quality affirmation activity that is locally important, underline the investment of partners, including makers and purchasers, and (which) operateoutside the structure of outsider accreditation”.
  • Four mainstays of PGS :The administration’s 2015 PGS manual underlines that the framework in India depends on “participatory methodology, a common vision, straightforwardness and trust”.
  • The upsides of PGS over outsider affirmation
    • Strategies are basic, records are essential, and ranchers comprehend the nearby language utilized.
    • Since peer appraisers live in a similar town, they have better access to reconnaissance; peer examination rather than outsider reviews likewise lessens costs
    • Common acknowledgment and backing between provincial PGS bunches guarantees better systems administration for preparing and promoting.
    • Not at all like the cultivator bunch accreditation framework, PGS offers each rancher singular testaments, and the rancher is allowed to advertise his very own produce autonomous of the gathering.
  • The impediments of PGS are:
    • Singular ranchers or gathering of ranchers littler than five individuals are not secured under PGS. They either host to pick third get-together confirmation or join the current PGS neighborhood gathering.
    • PGS guarantees detectability until the item is in the guardianship of the PGS gathering, which makes PGS perfect for neighborhood direct deals and direct exchange among makers and shoppers.



TOPIC: General Studies 3:

  • Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization of resources, growth, development and employment.
  • Inclusive growth and issues arising from it.

10 public sector banks to be merged into four


  • Account Minister Nirmala Sitharaman reported union of open area banks: 10 open division banks to be converged into four.
  • Under the plan of amalgamation, Indian Bank will be converged with Allahabad Bank (stay bank – Indian Bank); PNB, OBC and United Bank to be combined (PNB will be the grapple bank); Union Bank of India, Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank to be consolidated (stay bank – Union Bank of India); and Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank to be blended (grapple bank – Canara Bank).
  • Instead of 27 open division banks in 2017, presently there will be 12 open area banks after the most recent round of union of PSU banks.

Benefits of Merger

  • The combination of PSBs helps in fortifying its essence comprehensively, broadly and territorially.
  • Gives capital yet in addition give great administration.
  • It can possibly lessen operational expenses because of the nearness of shared covering systems. What’s more, this upgraded operational productivity will diminish the loaning expenses of the banks.
  • Every single blended bank in a specific basin share normal Core Banking Solutions (CBS) stage synergizing them mechanically.

Center Banking Solutions (CBS) can be characterized as an answer that empowers banks to offer a huge number of client driven administrations on a 24×7 premise from a solitary area, supporting retail just as corporate banking activities.(UPSC prelim )

  • Bigger banks have a superior capacity to raise assets from the market as opposed to depending on State exchequer.
  • The credit following instrument in PSU banks is being improved to serve clients.
  • Observing would get simpler for the administration.
  • The weight on the focal government to recapitalize the open division banks over and over will descend generously.


  • The potential advantages would take quite a while to appear and, then, the disturbance in the banks could negatively affect the genuine economy.
  • The merger move shows indeed the languid methodology of arrangement organizers in executing reasonable financial changes in Public Sector Banks (PSBs), first mooted by the Narasimham Committee
  • Narasimham advisory group had forewarned against combining powerless banks, the administration has finished doing definitely that.
  • The union ought to have been a progressive and aligned exercise bringing about fewer well-promoted and expertly oversaw PSBs with a sound administration structure.

Ex: SBI had dealt with the ABs throughout the years with its very own senior group, and all partners had just been working on normal innovation stage.

  • A key worry about consolidating the ten PSBs into four out of one stroke is an absence of clear enunciation of the method of reasoning behind bringing dissimilar and powerless banks together, some of whom were still under the Reserve Bank of India’s Prompt Corrective Action (PCA).
  • Merger declarations for the most part trigger disarray, uneasiness and weakness in staff, prompting a log jam in business.
  • The post-merger scale economies that huge global banks try to accomplish with savage measures are not doable in India.

Did you know:

  • Brief Corrective Action or PCA is a structure under which keeps money with frail budgetary measurements are put under watch by the RBI. The PCA structure regards banks as unsafe in the event that they slip underneath specific standards on three parameters — capital proportions, resource quality and gainfulness.

What should have been done?

  • turn around the decrease in the PSBs’ Return on Equity (RoE) in the wake of putting impressive totals in expediting them a typical innovation stage
  • presenting better hazard the board measures.
  • The consolidated elements ought to get deft and equipped for meeting the difficulties in retail and mass market fragments from private players and open financial sources.

Measures to smoothen the mergers:

  • it should be guaranteed that there is no administration vacuum in the grapple banks.
  • The specialized abilities required for coordination arranging, changing business bolster capacities and worth develop must be developed.
  • socially incorporate the extended workforce through supported preparing activities.
  • The training throughout the long periods of rearranging senior administrators starting with one PSB then onto the next has accomplished more mischief than good.(which must be halted)
  • Enlist experts from the market in key zones of innovation, HR and hazard the executives, in all of which PSBs are horribly under-prepared.
  • A light exercise of enlistment and preparing is crucial.
  • the legislature ought to effectively design steps to balance a potential moderate development in bank credit in the close to term.
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFCs), which have a superior comprehension of the market needs, should be tapped to guarantee better credit stream
  • the administration should resolve the tangles in the responsibility for combining PSBs in protection, resource the executives and different endeavors.
  • the legislature ought to consider changing over a couple ‘feeble’ PSBs outside the merger into territorial banks.(one of the suggestion of narasimham board of trustees)


  • Narasimham board of trustees (1991 and 1998) proposed merger of solid banks both in open part and even with the formative monetary organizations and NBFCs.
  • Khan board of trustees in 1997 focused on the requirement for harmonization of jobs of business banks and the budgetary organizations.


  • While such combination can bring about attractive efficiency gains, what makes a difference is the nature of execution by a steady and submitted initiative, helped by a canny and favorable possession.
  • Mergers ought to be done with right banks for the correct reasons since the terrible credit issue has dove numerous open part banks in an exceptional emergency.

Connecting the dots:

Alongside merger the attention ought to be on sufficient changes in administration and the board of these banks.


TOPIC: General Studies 3:

  • Awareness in the fields of IT

Right to Internet access as a fundamental right


  • In Faheema Shirin v. Province of Kerala, the Kerala High Court pronounced the privilege to Internet access as a key right shaping a piece of the privilege to security and the privilege to instruction under Article 21 of the Constitution
  • This judgment recognizes the job of the privilege to get to Internet in getting to other central rights.

Digital literacy:

  • Advanced proficiency alludes to the wide scope of abilities, which are important to develop fruitful and adjust to the computerized world.
  • range of abilities which is fundamental for get to and picking up data.

Factors leading to digital inequality:

  • As of late, a few government and private division administrations have gotten advanced. Some of them are just accessible on the web
  • social and financial backwardness is exacerbated because of data neediness, absence of foundation, and absence of advanced proficiency
  • in mid-2016, advanced education in India was under 10%
  • without Internet get to and advanced proficiency empowering that entrance, there will be further avoidance of enormous pieces of the populace.

Importance  of digital literacy:

  • We are moving to a worldwide economy where information on advanced procedures will change the manner by which individuals work, team up, devour data, and engage themselves.
  • Offering administrations online has cost and productivity benefits for the legislature and furthermore enables residents to sidestep lower-level government organization.
  • Advanced proficiency enables individuals to get to data and benefits, team up, and explore socio-social systems.
  • Perceiving the privilege to web get to and advanced education will likewise make it simpler to request responsibility from the state, just as support the governing body and the official to play an increasingly proactive job in assisting this right.

Measures taken by govt:

  • The Bharat Net program, expecting to have an optical fiber organize in all gram panchayats, is to go about as the infrastructural spine for having Internet get to all over the nation.
  • The Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (DISHA) or National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) Scheme has been planned to grant IT preparing .


  • Moving administration and administration conveyance online without the imperative advancement in Internet get to and computerized education likewise doesn’t bode well.

Ex: Common Service Centers, which work in rustic and remote areas, are physical offices which help in conveying computerized taxpayer driven organizations and illuminating networks about government activities. an enormous piece of residents can’t get to these administrations since absence of assets.

  • The Bharat Net venture has reliably missed every one of its cutoff times while the costs included have multiplied.
  • the National Digital Literacy Mission has scarcely contacted 1.67% of the populace and has been battling for reserves.


  • Web get to and computerized proficiency are reliant on one another, and making of advanced framework must go connected at the hip with the making of advanced abilities.
  • It is imperative to perceive the privilege to Internet get to and advanced proficiency to ease this circumstance, and permit residents expanded access to data, administrations, and the production of better occupation openings.

Connecting the dots:

We are living in a ‘data society’. Inconsistent access to the Internet makes and imitates financial avoidances. Legitimize


Model questions: (You can now post your answers in comment section)

Q.1) The decennial census exercise will be carried out by which body/Ministry?

  1. Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, Union Home Ministry
  2. National Sample Survey Office
  3. Prime Minister’s Office
  4. None of the above

Q.2)Participatory Guarantee Scheme often seen in news is related to which of the following? 

  1. Credit guarantee given by Confederation of Indian Industries(CII) for exports/imports
  2. Self Help Groups and their access to loans by Commercial banks
  3. Certification of organic products without involving third-party
  4. None of the above

Q.3)“ISAPTI IRADA” campaign is being implemented by which Union Minstry?

  1. Ministry of Labour
  2. Ministry of Steel
  3. Ministry of Skill development and Entrepreneurship
  4. None of the above

Q.4)Consider the following statements about Pradhan Mantri Jan AarogyaYojana 


  1. PM-JAY is the world’s largest government funded healthcare program,with an aim to bring quality healthcare to around 50 crore poor and vulnerable Indians. 
  2. The scheme gives annual healthcare benefits of up to ₹5lakh for every entitled family per year, for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.
  3. PMJAY will provide cashless and paperless access to services for the beneficiary at the point of service.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1,2 and 3

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