Warning signs for your start up—get it on track

If you’ve just started & want to find out if your business is on track, use these warning signs. Make amends where necessary and get started
Warning signs for your start up—get it on track When you are just kick starting your business, you better be careful about some of these points. It doesn’t take long to get lost in the marketing brigade, and before you know it, you are sort of lost in the crowd of start ups. Watch out for these warning signs. So you are all set to venture into the world with your start up project? Well, don’t let the excitement keep you from treading carefully. Every step matters. This is where you need to be doubly careful about what you are doing. Here’s some advice that is sure to help you stay on track. Whether it’s the sale dropouts or the fact that consumers are looking at competitors, there are many warning signs that tell you if you are on the right track.. Are the customers flowing in consistently?   So a lot of brands get those initial wins easily as the references liked your venture and everyone in their network signed up. But are there new customers dropping in or are they getting harder and harder to find? Also, have you lost older customers? Who’s talking about it anyway?   Okay. Your startup is genuine enough to go well with the customer pain but then why is everyone else talking about another? This is probably what Scroll went through as Huffington Post India was launched and it took away many of its readers through its Facebook presence. Difficult delivery   Are you dealing a lot of time in attending to customers who are upset at not getting what they expected from you? This is the most important warning sign to watch out for. One bad review or a few queries on your page can lead to disasters. If PepperFry is only getting queries from unsatisfied consumers, the traffic will direct itself to competitors eventually. Which means the business starts going to towards competitor brands within hours.

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