Topic: Job or Entrepreneurship after college?

Innovation and creativity prosper in entrepreneurship. But is it a risk worth taking? Well, that’s not something that a lot of college students consider before making the choice. Find out your area of interest, and see if you really think a job or business is up your alley.
entrepreneurship or job what after college     With the increasing number of career choices for students, it’s not surprising if many of them do not know which road to take next. When you want to take the right step and the safe route, starting your own something is definitely not it. But if you have it in you to take risks, why not? Whether you should take the plunge into the world of start-ups or become an entrepreneur, there are a list of things you must consider before setting foot in the world outside. What is safe and what is not?   The basics are simple, jobs allow you to work in an existing set up and you can get acquainted with the specifics of the work. The daily life in a corporate arrangement will get you a gist of how it works in the job world. There are many music bands like Advaita, Parikrama, etc that are launched right after college and they don’t always have the capital, so they work with a back up plan. Something like this is the middle road if you are on a low budget. Start what you want but keep a back up plan ready. Chasing your passion   This is one thing that gets many people to choose jobs in established firms rather than kick starting something of their own. Many experts point out that jobs allow you to follow your passion most easily. For instance, if you are all about technology, you can join a tech firm a tech firm. On the other hand, a start-up, a major effort goes into structuring your start-up and then there’s no time really. Following the hierarchy   There are things that make a job too drab for those who want independence when it’s about working right after college. Hierarchy is not easy to follow for a lot of people and they feel like they are stuck. If you are one of those independent souls, starting your own business is a better option than getting frustrated over a job.  

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